SorrowThere is a tendency to rework past sorrows in the mind, and particularly past sorrow or wounds that have a negative connotation. The first triangle that we experience is the family – father, mother, child. So, this could be a sorrow or a wound that goes back to childhood that is still being reworked in the mind; or it could represent unfinished family business tied with the past.

How we handle the first triangle of father – mother – child is how we’ll handle subsequent triangles of friend-co-worker-friend, or friend-lover-friend, or friend-lover-mate, or whatever combination of triangles that we experience in life. Until that initial family patterning is broken, we do not free ourselves from this tendency in the mind, and it is only in the mind that we have this tendency to rework the old wounds of the past or the old sorrows of the past.

My personal experience with Ifa and the Odu Ogbe Oyeku is that the reworking of old wounds in the mind has the tendency to distort. We are reminded to do things step by step, not to take any short cuts, and not to go too fast. That if we handle things step by step, that we can bring things into balance. This reminds us not to rework the past in the mind.

Reworking the negative parts of the past in the mind can take us off balance and make us feel limited, restricted, restrained in the present.

This is not the superficial sorrow that is being reworked in the mind. We are talking about an active mind that is actively reworking past events in a wounding and detrimental way. Therefore Ifa tells you that to release old tapes in the mind which rework old sorrows tied with the past, old sorrows that could go back to the past.

It is an earnest effort somehow to reprogram the mind not to rework the old sorrows tied with the past. This is often the-digging-up-the-old-bones-syndrome. Esu reminds you that you have a conscious choice, somehow, to release sorrow in the mind. However; if you continue to rework sorrow in the mind, then the next beast in the mind that you will face is fear of defeat.

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