Fear Of DefeatIn a previous article where we talked about sorrow, we stated that if you continued to rework sorrow in the mind, then the next state of mind that you will face is fear of defeat. Yeye Oshun reveals fear about two things: fear about new relationships, or fear about moving in a new direction that are emotionally important to oneself.

When we reopen old wounds, which we do quite often, it will bring up fear. This is fear of defeat, based on past memory. The whole function of fear is to constrict.

When we are in states of fear of defeat about things that are emotionally important to us, it constricts and distorts, allowing nothing to be renewed  or regenerated.

We cannot move forward, and literally we feel that we are not in balance, or that we are askew. And yet the spirit of who we are, is attempting to move through fears of defeat, particularly, fears about moving forward in a new direction or moving forward in new relationships.

The danger of fear of the feat is that if we stay in this state long enough, we we started by reworking the negative parts of the past, we will then move into futility, and the sabotaging mind.

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