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  1. Chief Awodele Ifayemi,

    I appreciate your use of odu in your articles, and that’s something I desired/desire to do, but some practitioners of the Isese version of Ifa claims odu is not supposed used in that manner. It’s claimed that to use it in that fashion is like using it like biblical scripture. What’re your thoughts on this?

    1. Ogbó àtó;

      Thank you for your visit, and comment.

      I respect the position of Awos who claim that Odu is not to be made accessible in a public venue. I also do not publish Odus that because of their nature cna be very destructive in the hands of immoral individuals.

      Odu is the vessel of Olodumare’s knowledge and as such, many of them serve to teach and guide us. It is those Odus which I chose because they help give validity to the point I’m trying to make via the Articles I publish.

      Again, thank you for your visit and comment.

      Ogbó àtó Asure Ìwòrìwòfún.

      O dábò!
      Chief Awodele Ifayemi
      Atunwase Awo of Ilobuland

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