Worries and Fear

In the previous article we talked about worries and fear. In this article we are going to go over eight ways we can transform worry and fear of failure.

These are formulas in which we can transform or direct negative or problematic states so that we do not manifest what we fear or worry about; instead, we can begin to redirect the problematic states creatively, remembering and using our gifts, talents and resources.

“What lies before us and what lies behind us is but a small matter compared to that which lies within us.”

  1. Success. This is internal and external success. The internal success is mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical success. Outwardly, we have external success, which is the experience of fulfillment that is witnessed in external reality and is also experienced internally. There is no dichotomy of feeling externally full and internally empty, or of feeling internally fulfilled and externally unsatisfied.
  2. Change. This reminds us that we can change worry and fear of failure by being open to new opportunities. By being flexible like Obatala, and creating stability and security and solidity in our lives, we can create expansive, stable change.Change has three functions: it allows us to bring back into balance what’s out of balance; it reminds us that we have an opportunity to break patterns that bind, limit, restrict or hold us back; and it is an opportunity in which to grow and become even more of who we are. There is an Oriental philosophy which states that change is the only constant, and that change is cyclic.The kabbalistic number of Obatala; the number 8, is reminding us that change is for the purpose of bringing back what is out of balance back into balance.
  3. Works, is a reminder that worry and fear of failing can be relieved and resolved if we are clear on our priorities and our commitments. It is giving every situation “the works” or all that we have. Another description for works is being clear on knowing what are our priorities and commitments. It is knowing what is our focus, intention, and commitment and in those arenas of our lives where we are willing to give all of our mind, heart and action to a concentrated focus or purpose.
  4. Power, reminds us that worry and fear of failing cannot occur if we are willing to empower ourselves and to empower others. True power is knowing what our limits and boundaries are, and being comfortable in setting limits and boundaries in situations where they are needed.
  5. Success. Things will be successful in our lives personally and professionally if we follow the formula of the six very special Orisas.Things can be successful if we handle things step-by-step, which is the lesson of Obaluaye; things will be successful if we’re open and flexible and resilient to new opportunities, which is the lesson of Obatala; things will be successful in our lives if we follow what has heart and meaning, which is the lesson of Oshun; things will be successful in our lives if we will stay in our truth and authenticity and not abandon ourselves, which is the lesson of the Yemaya; and things will be successful in our lives if we communicate effectively, and bring content and timing together in our communications, which is the lesson of Eshu; and things will be successful in our lives if we put consistent energy into our relationships or career, rather than relying on marathon energy or resisting and holding back our energy, which is the lesson of Ogun.
  6. Prudence. Fear of failing and worry can also be alleviated by utilizing prudence. We are reminded of this every Harvest season; we are reminded that we can all have harvest if we utilize prudence and wisdom. Harvest follows order, it does not follow chaos; and harvest follows trust, it does not follow control. Orunmila reminds us that if we don’t overextend ourselves to make things happen, nor resist and hold back, the results of wisdom or prudence will bring the Harvest. Orunmila also reminds us to attend to details, to organize things, and to handle things as they come up. The true meaning of prudence or wisdom is revealed by balanced action which generates and maintains the Harvest.
  7. Gain. Things become gainful in our lives when worries and fear are alleviated. If we will follow what has heart and meaning, and if we will attend to details, the result is gain. This is the message of Oshun. The combination of heart and discipline allows us to experience a gainful life or the experience of hitting the bulls-eye.
  8. Wealth. This is internal and external wealth that is created by utilizing our communication, and our healing gifts. Inner and outer abundance inspires and motivates ourselves and others. Communication, healing, and inspiration are three keys that can generate abundance. Orunmila reminds us that organized and inspirational communication can sustain our health and well-being. Communication that is healing generates and mirrors to us the internal riches and wealth that can be manifested externally.

This concludes a look at the portals for growth and the portals for initiation. We’ve reviewed the states of mind and the gifts, talents and resources in which we can transform those internal and external tests and challenges that we face in life. The literary corpus of Ifa as a whole is a portraiture that dynamically reveals the truth of Emerson’s quote: “What lies before us and what lies behind us is but a small matter compared to that which lies within us.”

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