Ifa Cosmology

What Does IFa say about miracles?This is going to be a short post. I wanted to ask you a very simple question; Has GOD bent any laws for you lately?

Not sure what I”m talking about? Well let me ask you this; Have you experienced any miracles in your life? If so, the GOD has bent a few universal laws for you, and that is a miracle.

Have you experienced a moment in time when you where facing impossible odds and the impossible happened totally unexpected?

Think about it, because we all have had that moment!

That was GOD bending a universal law for you.

Yes! GOD thinks you are so important that he has bent laws for you.

If GOD thinks you are so important then why are you feeling so inferior?

Miracles are GODS’ way of telling you that you matter, that you are significant, that you are important, that you are special.

If you say that there have been no miracles in your life, then think again because you are a miracle.

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