According to the culture of ancient Maya, part of what scholars call Mesoamerica, astronomy predicts some major cosmic developments for December 21, 2012, including, perhaps, the end of the world as we now know it, as some people believe.

Mayan calendars are still used by a few cultures in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador and are said to be the most accurate ones in existence. They date the solar year accurately within minutes, taking account of the cycles of sun, moon, Venus, and other cosmic bodies and only have to add one “leap day” after 380,000 years. Mayan civilization was quite advanced, possessing technology that modern man is still trying to comprehend.

But will the year 2012 bring the end of the world?

Well, I think the end of the world as we “know” it will come to an end, but I do not see the end of man kind. From a spiritual perspective, I believe that the world is ready for an awakening which will end how we perceive the world and universe we live in. There is a collective consciousness which is about to be awaken, and this new state of awareness will bring an end to the world as we know it in the year 2012.

Will this be the end of time for man kind?

I don’t believe it to be so. However; those who persist to ignore the health or our planet will in deed find their actions counter productive not only to this planet but for their own existence. There will be an energy which will be felt, and it’s impact will resonate like a trumpet from the cosmos. We are an electronic society, and our medium of communication will be severely impacted. If you gauge our world to be one which can be returned to the era of the pony express, then for you losing your ability to text, to chat, to get and email, or see your favorite TV show etc., etc., etc., may seem like the end of the world.

Is the Year 2012 just a year of rebirth?

I think that the year 2012 will bring such sweeping changes that will force us to re-think our position and relationship with nature and the universe we are a part of.

I feel that two significant Orishas will be the protagonist of the changes to come; Oya, and Shango.

For far too long we have fooled ourselves into thinking that our industrial progress does not impact our world, and its capacity to regenerate and replace that which we have destroyed. This facade must, and will come to an end. Therefore, that which is no longer of use, and destructive to our relation with nature, and the universe we are part of must be destroyed, and it will.

This is the end and rebirth I feel the Year 2012 will bring.

But you may still have some questions like…..

1.) What will happen in December 21, 2012? Is the world really going to end?
2.) Is 2012 just another “End of The World” scare? What makes this date any different?
3.) Is there really a planet called Nibiru AKA (Planet X) that will get close to the Earth in 2012?
4.) Will there be a Galactic alignment in 2012?
5.) What does Nostradamus say about 2012?
6.) Does the Mayan calendar end December 21, 2012? Is the Mayan prophecies true?
7.) WIll a comet hit the earth and destroy everything?
8.) Is this web site an attempt to scare people to buy products through fear of global catastrophe?
9.) Why are you selling information about 2012?
10.) What exactly do I get when I join 2012 Official Countdown?

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  1. First, I can not believe one ancient civilization’s culture and spirituality more likely to determine the fate of the world than any other. I’m not fond of fortune tellers to begin with. If you have knowledge a rock is about to fall upon your head, common sense says you should move. Yet I have yet to meet a soothsayer with a smooth scalp.

    Could you explain how Oya and Shango fit into this equation?

    1. Alaafia,

      Thank you for your honest point of view and question.

      Our western culture with its obsession for “quick fixes” and comfort at the expense of our natural surroundings has created false sense of security and a believe that we are not impacting our planet or the universe we are part of. Balance has and must be restored in order for our species to flourish and “see” a new awakening.

      We treasure our comfort and in a complainant yet false state of reality;live a life where we show little if no respect for our natural surroundings. When we create a false sense of reality, and security, a facade if you will, Oya is called upon to shake the false foundation we stand upon and cause us to “see” the truth of things.

      This is not a pleasant experience, as we find ourselves in the “back seat” of a car who is being driven by someone else we can not see, and the direction we are headed is unknown and extremely uncomfortable, yet once we are able to see the truth of our ways, and accept we need to make those uncomfortable changes, we can identify what needs to be let go and are able to identify all those things which we have no use for as they have become putrefied, and only serve to make us ill. At this stage we need help with getting rid of this baggage.

      The energy of Shango helps us identify, and see clearly almost as through an epiphany that which is no longer of use to us. Like when lightning strikes, and in so doing illuminates the firmament, and destroys that which is no longer of use to nature we too can call upon the help of Shango.

      This is the Shango Oya equation.

      Ogbo ato; long life be given unto to you
      Dele Ifayemi

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