What does Orunmila say about debauch

If we stay in disappointment and have difficulty handling it, then the next emotional challenge that we might face if we dwell and indulge in disappointment would be debauch.

This is emotional depression, it’s also emotional indulgence. Another word for debauch is indulgence, whether it is indulgence with the past, or indulgences in moods.

When we’re disappointed, we move into debauch or indulgence patterns, which are a way of reaching for something or doing something in that moment that will make us feel better, but ultimately is a destructive relief rather than a constructive resolution.

Whenever, we are depressed or feel sorry for ourselves we might reach for something or do something to make ourselves feel better, which might be over-working, over-shopping, over-eating, drinking, smoking, or indulging in sexual activities.

Another word besides indulgence might be addiction.

In the state of emotional indulgence there is a tendency to feel sorry for oneself. There is also an awareness that something is depressing, as well as the awareness of the negative compensation pattern, trying to make the self feel better by doing something that will temporarily bring pleasure, but won’t make for happiness in the long run.

If we stay in indulgence or debauch patterns long enough, another reactive pattern that we might move into on the emotional level is indolence or inertia, which I will cover in another article.

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