Self-CrueltyIn the previous article where we talked about the doubting, confused, and the over-analytical mind we said that we were creating interference.  We learned that if we stayed in a state of over-analyticalness to such a point that it creates doubt and confusion or interference, then we would move to the next state which is self-cruelty.

This is a tendency in the mind to wound the self through thought. The spirit, or essence of who we are, is weeping in the background wondering why we are being so hard on ourselves. This is self-criticalness, the inner-judge. It’s literally being very hard on ourselves mentally. It’s negative self-talk.

…Cruelty to oneself, regardless of degree, originates from unexpressed suffering. It can be a misguided attempt to build self-esteem in being able to endure pain, or can be a means of self-punishment because one feels unworthy, or to simply have the sensation and visual physical proof that one is alive. The roots of these acts stem from a desire to be heard, listened to and treated with humane respect and love. Cruelty to oneself can also take many forms such as over-eating, smoking, drug taking, the excessive consumption of alcohol, over-exercising, workaholism, reckless driving, pathological gambling, compulsive shopping, excessive risk taking and self-sabotaging behaviors. In each of these situations, the individual has lost the sense that she or he is an individual of unique quality and has become fixated on what they perceive they do not have, whether this may mean money, prestige, “looks,” power, intelligence, education, a nurturing relationship or whatever the individual feels is missing in one’s life…
“Kenneth Hemmerick”

If we continue to stay with our inner critical thoughts long enough, we will move into the state of mind which is fear of ruin.

What’s important about this is that this is the point where we make a mental decision, and believe that things are not going to work. Basically we have made a conscious choice that things are not going to work.

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