Futility, and the sabotaging mindIn the previous article where we talked about fear of defeat, which we started by reworking the negative parts of past sorrows. We said that if you did not learn how to move on, you would move into a state of futility, and the sabotaging mind.

The sabotaging mind or the Yes/But tape give birth to attitudes like I don’t have enough time… There are two many details to attend to… It would require too much discipline, and so forth.

Other aspects of the sabotaging mind are negative self-talk. Ifa tells us to be very careful with what we say as there is much power in the words we say, this is called “Ofo Ase”. Statements using terms as I can’t, or It won’t work, or If only… Wish I has a…Someday I’ll…as ways of sabotaging the initial intention to go for what it is that one wants.

Another aspect of the sabotaging mind is to promise more than we can give, or to believe that I’,m unlucky, or Opportunities never come my way.

Those of you whom are children of Ogun or have a strong Ogun influence should be careful to express the negative aspects of this Orisa; which would be saying things like I don’t have enough energy…I’m exhausted…I’m burnt out…I just can’t do it.

We all love Oshun. I mean, what’s there not to like. She is the Orisha of love and beauty and creative power. Yet she too has negative aspects which we need to be careful not to express. The negative aspects of Oshun would be I don’t care…It doesn’t mean anything to me. This is negative self-talk that creates futility or, what’s the use, it’s not going to work anyway.

Finally, is the tendency of talking yourself completely out of a project, not only consciously, but also subconsciously. Futility is the state that we experience when we sabotage what we want by listening to the Yes/But tapes in our mind.

If we stay in states of sabotaging what we want long enough, then we will move into the state of mind called interference. We will talk about this in our next article “What Does Ifa Tell Us About Interference.”

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