What does Ifa tell us about disappointmentWithin the Opon Ifa, the emotional level of consciousness is represented by the quadrant of the  Osi-Opon Odus. There are three states or challenges that we experience emotionally as reactive patterns to the five mental challenges in the mind; sorrow, self cruelty and fear of ruin, sabotaging mind, fear of defeat, and confusion.

Disappointment is a reactive pattern or response to either sorrow in the mind, fear of defeat, futility, doubt or interference, cruelty or ruin created through negative thinking. It’s a natural response to negative mental thoughts. The Odu Ogunda Osa tells us much about this. This is not a superficial disappointment, it’s a very deep disappointment and a very strong reaction because of the dynamics between the Orishas Ogun and Oya. Ogun, an Orisa which reminds us of action and assertion, and Oya who represents the transformation that occurs through death.

Disappointment makes us feel fragile and breakable, like a cup made out of glass. Disappointment takes us off-balance. It makes us feel uprooted, and yet, disappointment can be a trans-formative experience. Disappointment often brings up anger, it often makes us feel depressed. The important thing is how we handle disappointment. The I-Ching says: “The event is not so important, but rather my response to the event is what matters.”

On this Otura Rete says:

I ask “who knows moderation?”
Orunmila says “one who does not drink liquor;”
One who does not break commitments to a friend;
One who wakes early in the morning, meditates and
thinks deeply about one’s actions.”
From among the thorns and thistles, the palm
leaf emerges pointing upward.
A balance person is ameso;
one who is truly thoughtful in conduct.

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