Doubting MindIn the previous article where we talked about futility, and the sabotaging mind we learned that that futility is the state of mind that we experience when we sabotage what we want by listening to the Yes/But tapes in the mind.

If we stay sabotaging what we want long enough, then we will move into the state called interference. Interference in the mind is created by the doubting mind, the confused mind, or the over-analytical mind.

The opposite of the over-analytical mind is the trusting mind, so a tendency to over-analyze in the mind is also a need to control. The controlling mind needs to figure things out, compartmentalize things and has difficulty with being surprised.

If we stay in states of sorrow, fear of defeat, and futility long enough, then what we will try to do is to control the situation by over-analyzing it, which will ultimately create doubt and confusion.

Whenever you find yourself in this state, do not act. It is a time to wait. You may be experiencing the need to make a choice. If this is the case you may find yourself going back and forth as to which would be a better choice, or how to bring two or more things together to create a greater whole.

If we stay in states of over-analyticalness to such a point that it creates doubt and confusion or interference, then we will move into a state of self-cruelty.

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