Life After Death

So what do you think you know about life? Really! What do you think you know about what it takes to create life let alone “a” life.

If you think I’m angling to speak about creation and the creator…. not today.

Today I want to talk about what do you think you have to know or have in order to have a life. The kind of life you feel you deserve.

We all have dreams, and we all have goals. It matters not that we have written down our goals. All that matters is that you have a dream. The steps you need to take to realize that dream depends entirely on you. Isn’t that a sobering thought?

Each step you take, each decision you make shapes the future you will have. Every experience you have had to date is a direct result of the decisions you have made. No one has made you do anything. No one!!

You are in control of your life, one hundred percent of the time, all the time!

You cannot mismanage your life. You cannot allow someone else to take control of your life. You cannot continue pretending that all is well when I know it is not. “How”, you ask?

Let me ask you a few simple questions? If this was the last day of your life and you are close to drawing your last breath, do you feel a sense of satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment? Do you feel realized? Can you say you did something profound with your life? Do you feel scare?

Those questions are important because the experiences you’ve had during this life is nothing but a drop in the ocean of experiences you have yet to experience.

Until you can connect with the real you, true joy is impossible.

Every person on this planet is subject to a “norm” dictated by costumes, traditions, and whatever else is collectively accepted by Society, and if you are trying to “fit in” you will fail because it is like trying to hit a moving target; not impossible, but extremely difficult because the competition is rigged.

So, we are back to the question of what do you think you know about life?

I pledge to you that the answer is not found in the kind of life you feel you deserve. The answer is “True Joy”.

This kind of joy manifest when you have become what you do, and when what you do is who you are. This kind of joy is abundant and is found only while in service to others. When you and only you can offer what your community needs, then, and only then can you have true joy in your life. Then and only then can you draw that last breath and know you did something profound with your life. The legacy you leave behind will make you immortal.

Each of us have a unique set of skills, aptitudes, and talents that makes us special. They make us important and needed by society. Not a single soul is created without a purpose. You are all part of a community, and can provide your comunity with a unique service or product, that no  one but you can provide. I ask you, what makes you unique? When you can answer that question then will you know what life is about. Welcome to the journey we call “human beign”.

Life is a fantastic journey. The goal is not to accummulate “things”. The goal is to dicover your appittudes, talents and skill so that you can develop them through education and practice for the benefit of your community.

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