What Can You Learn From IfaI get many emails asking different questions regarding Ifa, and the one which is often asked is “What Can I Learn From Ifa”. The first reality I should reveal to you is that Ifa is about personal spiritual growth. This is not an easy road to travel, as one is constantly dealing with issues and challenges created by our own Ego.

Everything related to Ifa, whether it be Divination or Orisha worship is related to helping you accomplish your objective(s) while here on earth. These Objectives are all related to your spiritual growth.

It is true that many have come to Ifa only to find protection and to shelter themselves from activities they know too well are immoral, and they will pay the price for their actions in due time. Therefore; you should not allow your Ego to sway you from detaching yourself from all activities that are not related to your spiritual growth.

To learn Ifa you must have a clear understanding of the “Beginning” of things. I would recommend you start with the book “The Genealogy”. This book will give you an understanding of our cosmology, and a solid foundation upon which you can build your knowledge of Ifa.

Ifa is a complete code for the “living”. It tells us how to handle our affairs while here on earth in such a way so that we are able to stay in the “path” we were born to follow. It is also a code of ethics and the book “The Man & The Society”, gives the reader the knowledge and truth regarding our responsibilities to ourselves, family, and society. Souls born to the western cultures suffer a lack of tradition and are constantly under attack by a society which is plagued by moral dilemmas caused by an endemic tendency to be hypocrites. This book provides the answers you need to successfully live amongst people.

Finally all that GOD is and is not is revealed unto us via its manifestation through nature. The powers of nature tell us much about GOD, and as we learn these mysteries we are able to call upon them to effect radical and positive changes in our lives. The Book “The Worship” is one of the most complete expositions about Orisha and their effect on our lives. GOD communicates via the Orishas and in turn we can communicate with GOD via the Orishas. How we accomplish this communication and call upon them to help us overcome our tendencies to create problems for us and our communities while on earth is the truth found within the pages of this book.

I would recommend you start with the book “The Genealogy“, and make your way to the “The Man & The Society“, and finally “The Worship“. Read them in this order and take your time to really take in the information given. We all need to learn to craw, and walk before we can run. Follow this path, and you will get to “know” Ifa.

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