Life After Death

Descendants Of AfricaTaking a good look at our condition in the Diaspora, we as decedents of Africans must reflect on our history. We must ponder on the journey which our forefathers endured. It is because of their desire to survive and overcome against all odds that we are here today.

Are we any different than our forefathers? I would like to say that we are not. We have within ourselves all that glorious energy and will to endure the harshest of conditions life may throw our way. We have the power within us to overcome and conquer any and all obstacle because they are within us.

There is a tremendous spiritual energy working within the hearts and soul of our people. This energy is stimulating our psyche to the point wherein we can’t help but believe there is truly a merciful God in the midst of all of this worldly confusion. This dynamic and invisible force brings with it the endurance and energy that will take us to live our life with purpose.

I understand and acknowledge that there are many of us who feel like they have lost everything. Yet I say to them that it is the lack of knowledge of our divine power and purpose that makes you feel that way. Fear is what makes you powerless. Yet the fear you are suffering from is the responsibility of taking your destiny into your own hands.

You have gotten so comfortable at blaming others for your demise that you dare not take control of your destiny for if you fail then there is no one to blame but yourself. Yet this fear is ill founded and a lie. It is by taking charge and ownership of your destiny that you will triumph over any adversity.

It is clear to see that in order to deal with our future existence, “it got to take a miracle”. Well, we are a miraculous people by nature. We’ve survived everything as a people and we’re still moving on the move. Heck we even had the honor of witnessing an African American as the President of The United States Of America.

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