Recovering From Religion

Recovering from Religion… sounds like an addiction. People with an addiction do not have control over what they are doing. How much control do you have over what you are supposed to believe in?

This is not going to be a Religion bashing article. To the contrary, my goal is to have you question everything about the stated and implied “Fact” your religion profess to be “Truths” and why is it that when you cannot find evidence or a foundation to those truths, you are instructed to take them on “Faith”.

I belief in the power of Faith.

Faith that we have to authority and ability to change our lives. That is the faith I have. It is proven by the very existence of our humanity.

Our capacity to do both good and bad is the foundation of my Faith. I have Faith in our capacity to do good and assist our neighbors when when disaster strikes. There is evidence of this, thus I have Faith.

If you Google “definition of Faith” you get

Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

“…Spiritual apprehension rather than proof”? Really?

As a Babalawo I believe in GOD and have proof of its existence.

I see God’s energy, and power through each of his Orishas. I see how every client that comes to me and follows the advice given to them via Divination enjoys the promise given to them. This is evidence, this is the foundation of my Faith in GOD.

I do not believe in Organized Religion. Such a structured form of Religion is influenced by “Man”. It is a means to govern the many by the few.

I do not need a person to tell me what I should and should not believe in. I do not respond well to threats and telling me that if I do not obey the by-laws of the Religion my soul will be eternally condemned.

I do not believe that my God will instruct me to kill you just because you are not a member of my religious group.

My God is not a jealous God. How can He be jealous of anything if He created all that is in the heavens and on the Earth. How can a parent be jealous of his children?

Therefore; question everything about the stated and implied “Facts” your religion professes to be “Truths”.

Just as I have characteristics which resemble my biological mother, and father, I have characteristics which resemble my spiritual Father. Therefore; since my God is love, then I have the capacity to love. Since my God is compassionate, then I have the capacity to show compassion.

I am also a product of my biological parents, hence; have their capacity to stray from the path of Love, and Compassion. This capacity is also a gift given to me by my spiritual Father. God gave me “the will to choose” my destiny. Come what may, my ability to choose is what shapes my future. Therefore; there is no one I can blame for the “bad luck” of tomorrow. No one “made me do it”, I choose to do it all on my own.

Therefore; meditate or pray about how you are a product of your parents. Both biological, and spiritual. Then ponder upon all that is great about them, and choose to manifest that greatness which you have inherited.

You do not need to subscribe to the dogma of Religion to manifest the greatness which already is within you and is you.

Which narrative do you choose to believe in?

  1. That GOD is a jealous GOD who condemns to death anyone who opposes his organized religion. If that is the case, then which organized religion is his?
  2. That organized religion is an institution structured to manage and control the many through the few. Promoting believes which restrict your ability to manifest the Love of God within you.
  3. That as a child of GOD you have inherited traits that permit you to choose your own destiny, and manifest Love, and Compassion which are your core source of power.



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  1. Baba eku ise sir. I found this piece not only interesting but very factual from my personal experience.Born into a Christian family,I was brought up not to question anything about Christianity.But growing up I have discovered a lot of inconsistencies and deceit. People just set up churches for commercial purposes and you dare not raise any issue.You have issues the church cannot guide you.You approach a Babalawo for guidance they tell you eternal fire is awaiting you when you die.
    As a Yoruba man,I am so happy for this write up and hope that our people will not forget their roots.

  2. Beautiful article sir
    Everything there in is true and since i was young, i’ve always questioned my religion, the arab religion is islam, the white religion is christianity, the chinese is buddhism and so on, As a black man, what is my religion and why do i have to practice the religion of the people who opress me.. am learning each time about the african religion most especially about my religion, the religion of yoruba people
    I want to know more about Ifa sir

    1. Alafia Olamilekan,

      You should study about the religion of your ancestors. To that end I recommend you get the book series, Yoruba Theology I offer on my website. That will give you a significant foundation on our religion.

      Oloye Awodele Ifayemi

  3. Ao, ao, this man, you kill me. Only that I don’t want to qoute any part of the Bible niether the kor-an. But one thing I ask fellow christians and moslems is, what God or gods is in race with the only one God Mawuga segbolisa- Olonru- Almighty God to be jaloused of and to kill other peolpe who turn to follow? Is there any war which is holy? Or we leave the war for God to fight. Let us not to kill ourselves and say God is killing us. Any way my God is not killer God in terms of jalousy. He is Mawuga Segbolisa and his efa- ifa- orunmila. The precher of peace and harmony. Borlu, Borya, Borkitse.

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