Owonrin Osa

The reading for the year 2020 was cast on December 31, 2019, in the Ofun’Di Temple of Chief Awodele Ifayemi, the Atunwase Awo of Ilobuland, Osun State Nigeria located in El Paso, Texas.

The guidance for this year is provided by the Sacred Odu Owonrin Osa, also know as Owonrin Wosa and Owonrin Aseyin, and it appeared in a state of Ayewo indicating Ikú, Arùn, Ìjà, Èse. Also appearing where the Odus Ose’Gunda and Owonrin’Fun in that order.

Ifá tells us:

The individual that sews the seeds of negativity will feast on the bitter harvest of their crops.

On this Ifá says:

Kini kan nbe ninu ogan
O ndun mahuru-mahuru
Kini kan nbe ninu ogan
O ndun mahuru-mahere
Bi o panije, ko panije
Bi o sib a si panije
Ko ye dun’hun-u mahuru-mahere leni lori mo
Difa fun Orunmila Ifa nbe laarin ota mefa
Ebo ni won ni ko waa se
O gb’Ebo, o ru’bo
Iku gbakan o maa lo o, ogbakan-ngbekan
Arun gbakan o maa lo o, ogbakan-ngbekan
Ejo gbakan o maa lo o, ogbakan-ngbekan
Ofo gbakan o maa lo o, ogbakan-ngbekan
Obaluwaye gbakan o maa lo o, ogbakan-ngbekan
Eyin lya mi gbakan o maa lo o, ogbakan-ngbekan


There is something inside the anthill
That is making a terrifying noise
There is something inside the anthill
That is making a frightening sound
If it intends to kill one, let it do so
If it does not want to kill one
It should stop making such a terrifying noise
Ifa’s message for Orunmila
When he was in the midst of six enemies
He was advised to offer Ebo
He complied
Death took one crab and left
Ailments took one crab and left
Contention took one crab and left
Loss took one crab and left
Affliction of Obaluaye took one crab and left Ogbakan-ngbekan
The Elders of the Night took one crab and left Ogbakan-ngbekan

Akisa ponnaku idi elegbo
Olomo waape-waape
Difa fun Omoleyo
Ti egbe re ntoleyin kaakiri aye
Ebo ni won ni ko waa se
O gb’Ebo, o ru’bo
Omoleyo, o ba loti o lobi o fi fa’lawo
Ki ajogun orun o peyinda


The rag used by someone with festering sore
It is dirty and stinking
Ifa’s message for Omoleyo
Whose Egbe is following him the world over
He was advised to offer Ebo
Omoleyo, please procure liquor and kola nuts and give them to an Awo
This will enable all Ajogun of heaven to depart from you

Message for the Nation:

When Owonrin Osa come in a state of “Ayewo“, it indicates that the Nation and the current situation at hand are bogged down with the weight of the past. Refusal to let go of that which “has been” gives rise to a state of bad fortune and imbalance.

Owonrin Osa when in Ayewo can signal bad judgment and the risk of jeopardizing the good fortune of this Nation due to this imparted thinking.

“The individual that sews the seeds of negativity will feast on the bitter harvest of their crops.”

Owonrin Osa’s contrary nature marks tumultuous currents of energy that finds this Nation and its leadership living in the eye of the tornado. Our Nations’ affairs are unsettled, and out of balance.

Owonrin Osa signals a swift reversal of fortune – that which was once good quickly becomes bad. The exchanges that were potentially beneficial now only serve to distract and confuse.

Humility is learned through a swift blow from the hand of the stochastic forces of life. Lastly, Owonrin Osa portends damages that are incrementally increased by someone running from their problems, rather than facing the source of conflict.

Message For Us:

Ifá says to do a U-turn.” You might bang your head against a brick wall, trying to push a project forward when really, you ought to back off or change direction. Or you might have lost your motivation and no longer feel as committed to the outcome as you did when you started. So, if something is not moving forward as you planned, re-evaluate the situation and check-in to see if it’s a sign that you need to change course. Then ask yourself: Is there a deeper reason things have become more challenging? What lesson can I learn here?

Ifá says that you are letting obstacles and challenges get in the way, preventing you from achieving what you set out to do. It’s all getting too hard, and you don’t have the will to go on. If that resonates, stop for a moment and think about the things that matter most to you and why you want to achieve this goal. Will you allow other people’s opinions to sway you or give up as soon as the going gets tough? Or will you follow through on your commitment?

Before taking action, the home in on the intentions that align with your Higher Self. Or, you can use visualization and meditation to make sure your energy aligns with your goals. These internally focused actions are essential so that when the time comes to act, you will be ready.

If you are someone who likes to have command over your destiny and know where you are heading, take this opportunity to tighten the reins and become more disciplined in what you are doing. While feeling a loss of power can be quite demoralizing, the key is to look at what you can control and what you cannot. Do not allow yourself to worry about what is out of your grasp as you cannot change it now. Instead, focus your energies on what is in your control. Examine what you can do to improve the situation.

Ifá says that you may be trying to manage every minute detail in your life – but in doing so, you feel even more out of control. Loosen your grip and let things run their course. Be open to offers of help and then be grateful for what you receive, even if it’s not perfectly aligned with your expectations. You do not always have to be in the driver’s seat!

Career, Work and Finance

In career matters, Ifá invites you to assert yourself in the workplace: take control, be responsible and accountable, and potentially step into a management or leadership role. Put in the hard work and get the job done, no matter what. Do not let others push you around.

Instead, set your boundaries and be unwavering in what you believe in and stand for.

If you are searching for work or considering a career change, Ifá advises you to stay focused on your goal and don’t give up. Be disciplined in your search and make sure that any new opportunities align with your expectations and goals. In conversations with a potential employer, take the lead and interview the organization to ensure that they are a company you want to work for. Career paths may include a general manager, driver, project manager or sports coach.

Financially, Ifá encourages you to create a financial plan based on your goals. Set a budget and a savings plan and stick to them. You may need to sacrifice a few luxuries, but it will pay off.

Relationships and Love

In relationship matters, Ifá suggests that now is the time to pursue your goals and to do the things YOU want to do. You have made many sacrifices along the way to meet the needs of others and allow your relationships to develop, but now you have had enough. Owonrin Osa is about navigating the opposing forces in your life to get where you want to be, so you’ve got some work ahead – but it is necessary, and it will only strengthen you.

If you are in a challenging relationship, Ifá says that you are having difficulty steering it in the direction you want. You know you both share a strong connection and make each other stronger, but Ifá suggests that you are struggling to take this relationship to the next level. You realize the current situation is not sustainable but find it hard to change.

If you are looking for love, Ifá advises you not to lower your standards. Do not compromise on what you want! Even if you are not finding the right relationship now, your determination will lead to the outcome you want.


Exercise self-discipline and willpower to stay on track with your spiritual goals. You need to hold your focus and keep striving to achieve your aim, even if others question what you are doing.

Well-being and Health

Ifá says that this is the perfect time to start a healthy living plan, including exercise, diet, and self-care because you have the strength and resolve to see it through. But remember, no shortcuts! Discipline is critical right now.


You should contact your Elder to determine the rituals you should perform in accordance with this Odu.

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