Ogbe Irete

Welcome to 2019!

The reading for this year was completed on Dec 29, 2018 at the Ofun’Di Temple of Ifa located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The guidance for this year is provided by the Sacred Odu Ogbe Irete. We have been told that we cannot use evil to secure goods and expect them to last for good. This applies not only for our leaders but for our daily affairs as well.

Much has changed that has impacted the collective consciousness of our country. It is my hope we can adhere to Ifa’s advice and caution. There is much to lose, not only for us but for the generations to come if we fail to be good Stewards of this planet.

The Odu starts with the following cautionary council:

Even if the beginning of wrong-doing is pleasant,
The end of wickedness will not be good.
We cannot use evil to secure goods and expect them to be anchored firmly.
These were the teachings of Ifa for the upright one.
The offspring of the initiated one who treads the earth in humbleness.
Olodumare is the lord of the land.
Olodumare is the owner of the judgement.
Retribution belongs to Olodumare.
The king of the world will reward everyone
Precisely according to the work of their hands.

Ifa also guides us as to how to determine who is our true friend. We are given the example of how Orunmila went about making this determination in a rather clever way.

On this Ifa says:

Let us close our eyes and pretend to be dead,
So that we may know who will mourn for us.
Let us walk unsteadily and pretend to stumble,
So that we might see who will express concern.
It would not be a bad thing, even if we could count on only one person.
But who will remain is difficult yo determine.
This was the teaching of Ifa for Orunmila
When he was going to make people think that he was dead,
So that he might know who were his true friends.
He was advice to sacrifice.
He heard and he complied.
Orunmila who was said to be dead was not dead after all.
He discovered that their mourning was a mourning for themselves.
And their fasting in sorrow was a fasting for themselves.
Only his true friends remained to mourn him and help his family.

This is a teaching on the test and discovery of friendship. The narrative from which this teaching comes tells us that Orunmila was being greatly praised by persons and people who were claiming a friendship with him and yet he felt uneasy about the sincerity of the praise and the quality of his friends. So, he pretended to die so that he could test the sincerity and commitment of the people.

Once the pretenders hear he was dead, they collected monies from his family unjustly, did not help the family, mourned falsely and disrespected his memory.

But some people who never made outrageous claims nor promised great things came to truly mourn his passing and to help his family with all that was necessary. They were ready to stay 40 days for mourning, but Orunmila returned on the 7th day.

When the pretenders heard Orunmila had returned, they came to ask for forgiveness. But they had already revealed themselves! It was his true friends to whom he turned in reciprocity and even deeper respect.

The lesson that is taught by this Ese Ifa is that true friends not only aid and praise each other in each other’s presence, but also demonstrate in each other’s absence an equal or even greater commitment to the friendship. This is a situation in which one friend’s righteousness and goodness equals the other’s. It is thus balance, mutually beneficial and worthy of the highest sacrifice.

In addition to the advice given which can be applicable to an individual as well as our leaders, Ifá spoke to our Nation as a whole.

Ifá said that as a Nation, we are undergoing a significant transformation and upheaval. This transformation is not happening because of some foreign influences and may even feel forced upon the Nation. Instead, we are instigating the change and calling into question fundamental belief systems, values, purpose and meaning.

The United States may go through a spiritual awakening as its citizens discover a new spiritual path.

We may change our beliefs and opinions about important topics, realizing that we can no longer support older models. Or, in more dramatic cases, we may go through an existential crisis where we seriously question our purpose. While this can be an unsettling time, trust in the process and know it is for the best.

We are creating change and transformation so we can step into a new and evolved version of ourselves and as a Nation, that believe everyone regardless of sex, race or religion has been created equal with equal rights.

Ifá said that we are struggling to see the bright side of life. We may have experienced setbacks that damaged our enthusiasm and optimism and perhaps led us to question whether we can achieve what we set out to do. We may feel depressed or left out and are no longer enjoying what we are doing. Our direction and path ahead may appear clouded or distorted.

Nonetheless, Ifá says this is only temporary. The obstacles we are experiencing can be easily removed if we put our mind to it. It may just take a bit more effort than usual.

On the other hand, we are cautioned about being too confident or overly optimistic. While we are confident, we may have become egotistical and out of touch with what we can achieve.

On a personal note, Ifá reminds you that sometimes you have to put everything on hold before you can take the next step, or the Universe will do it on your behalf (and it may not always be at the most convenient time!).

You may have heard the saying, ‘What got you here won’t get you there’, and that indeed is at play in this reading.

Ifá calls you to release the old mental models and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you so you can see your world from a new perspective and embrace new opportunities that would have otherwise been hidden from you if you didn’t hit the brakes.

These ‘pauses’ can be voluntary or involuntary. If you’re in tune with your intuition, you’ll start to have a sense for when it’s time to hit the brakes and put things on hold – before things get out of hand. But if you’re out of alignment and oblivious to those intuitive signs, the Universe will probably put things on hold for you, in the form of continued obstacles, ill-health, and breakdowns. When you sense the ‘pause’ coming, pay attention to it; otherwise the Universe will turn up the volume until you can’t ignore it any longer.

When Ogbe Irete appears in a reading, your projects and activities may be coming to an unexpected and abrupt halt. Don’t keep pushing forward, hoping that more force will drive you to where you want to go.

Instead, surrender to the opportunity to pause and view it as your chance to reassess and re-evaluate where you are on your path.

Something new is emerging, and you won’t be able to see it unless you allow the time and space for it to come through.

Ogbe Irete is your invitation to welcome these ‘pauses’ with open arms and surrender to the ‘what is’ – even if it is different from what you expected. Take time away from your routine to connect with a new way of thinking and seeing. Sure, you might have to put important projects on hold while you do this (and it might be super inconvenient) but trust Ifá, it’ll be worth it.

This is the Universe’s way of helping you see new perspectives and preparing you for the next move that is happening in your life. If you push or resist, you will meet more obstacles along the way; instead, ‘allow’ the opportunities to flow smoothly and effortlessly to you.

We are asked to consider the following questions:

“Are you truthful to yourself and others?”

“Are you trying to talk yourself up when you know you cannot deliver?”

If this resonates with you, then ask others for feedback and a reality check.

“Are you unrealistic?”

“Is what you have set out to achieve achievable?”

“Are you really as good as you think you are?”

You are to work with your Babalawo / Iya nifa / Babalorisa / Iyalorisa to work out the specific rituals needed to help you navigate through the challenges this Odu has foretasted for this coming year.

May Olodumare grant you the blessings you deserve.

P.S. If you would like to know what the coming year has in store for you, you may want to schedule a personal reading with Chief Awodele Ifayemi. To set up your appointment just select our Appointment Calendar option from the navigation menu and from the “Service” selections pick “Consultation.” You will be able to select a date / time of your preference.

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