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Otun OponReading for the year 2013 comes from the eastern quadrant of the Opon Ifa named Otun-Opon. This is the region that governs the world of the Self, your home, immediate family and intimate surroundings.

The Otun-Opon is the “I” of the “I/Not-I” equation. This is the region of life whose symbol is the element of fire. It is further represented by the rising sun and signals the beginning. Marking the dawn or a new realm within your private world.

To this group of Odus that communicate via your intuition; which is a way of knowing that has nothing to do with reason and very little to do with perception. It is knowing without having learned. Something has come to mind that is totally new.

This new knowledge is not the result of study or of inductive or deductive processes. If we had scoured our brains, all our ideas, and our entire conceptual framework, we would never have come up with what has suddenly come to us in a flash. What we experience is a miraculous entry into consciousness of something that seems to come from somewhere else. All at once we just know!

Anatomically this region relates to the portion of the body from the neck to the sternum, located at the base of the rib cage. This region also deals with the visible realm and those forces that are in plain view.

Reading For The Year 2013

Reading of the year 2013 Eji Ogbe Odi Iwori
Ogunda Bede
Principal Odu
Eji Ogbe
1rst Witness
Odi Iwori
2nd Witness


This years’ reading was conducted in the Ile of Oloye Awodele Ifayemi

The principal Odu “OGUNDA BEDE” was cast by Awo Alejandro Gonzales Ogbe Gunda

Omo Oya Kime Acosta managed igbo

This ceremony was presided by Chief Awodele Ifayemi Atunwase Awo of Ilobu Land

Commentaries by Chief Awodele Ifayemi

This years’ reading comes in Ire and promises victory over one’s enemies (both internal and external). It promises that your struggles will end in success. It brings remarkable strength and vivacity. It call for you to pay attention and to heed the advice of your Ori. You Intuition will be your “guiding light”.

You are advice to keep a “cool head” about you and to ponder on all things before you act.

The Odu for the year 2013 is an Odu that clears the obstacles that impede progress; a physical and metaphysical clearing that makes a path where none previously existed. With its obvious ties to the Orisa Ogun, this Odu represents the never ending search for Truth and offers an opportunity to objectively view reality.

The reading for the year 2013 calls for “Truth” as it actually exists, free from the distortions imposed on it by the individual. Brutal honesty is an element of this Odus’ energy. This Odu brings the impulse to evolve, the internal push to forge ahead that guarantees the evolution of the Individual, Community, City, State, and Nation.

This Odu is a sign of new life, opportunity and new beginnings. It assures you victory, evolution, success and strong support. It is a sign that marks a state of alignment – all elements in the equations are in harmony at this time. Awakening unfolds as life begins. The energy opens wide and unveils a myriad of options to explore.

This Odu is the sign of intelligence, both cosmic and personal. It supports a holistic comprehension that involves the whole being and not merely the mind. Order and illumination are common themes in this Odu.

The energy of Ogbe lends remarkable strength and vivacity to all that it touches. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as the energy of Ogbe invigorates without consideration of the orientation of the circumstances.

The Odu; “Letra or Sign” for the year 2013 is accompanied by remarkable energies.

The year 2013 brings great opportunities for those who have taken the time to plan their course of action. No matter if it is a new business venture or a new career, the principal key is “preparation”. You are cautioned against “knee jerk” reactions. Jumping to conclusions and acting as a steam roller is certainly the way to lose out on the great opportunities you are going to enjoy if you fail to act upon carefully laid out plans of action. So you are told to plan your work, and work your plan.

New technological advances will manifest during this year.

Individuals who have been bound to wheel chairs will experience the miracle of mobility via the assistance of robotic technologies. Plans which have been looking for a way out of the “Labs” will find the light of day during this year.

The reading for the year 2013 impact our leaders.

Those of you which hold positions of public trust must consider “Truth” as your guiding light. The type of truth called for is one which benefits your constituents and not your party. You must labor to remove any obstacles which keep those whom you represent from enjoying the benefits of their labor and the rights of their citizenship. You must honor your promises or you will be brought to “justice”.

Cautionary Note

This is an Odu of seduction, jealousy, and of not honoring promises. We find that the boyfriend promises to marry, yet there is still no engagement. Therefore; many promises are made yet not fulfilled. Hence; you are cautioned about dealing with those who have suspect reputations as they will only be truthful with themselves and their own agendas.

It speaks of the wife who is taken for granted, and never taken out to dinner or rewarded for her efforts. It calls for you to do something romantic for your wife. It cautions you to head to this advice lest your wife find these attentions from someone else.

This Odu speaks and warns against adulterous relationships. Illicit affairs should be avoided at all cost.

It speaks of individuals holding office without the proper preparation to do so. It speaks of people having read, studied, or witness Orisa ceremonies without being initiated. It speaks of individuals possessing documents or papers pertaining to Orisha/Ifa practice without being authorized to do so. You will be brought to light during this year. Therefore; if you have been told you need to be initiated into Orisa/Ifa then you should take care of that this year.

This Odu recommends you stay away from fatty foods such as meat balls, meat loaf, croquet, pork, stuffed potato etc. You are call to exercise, and improve your health and physique.

If you have Ikofa or Hand of Ifa you are asked to re-enforce it with 16 cowries.

There are many rituals associated with this Odu, you are recommended to speak with your Oluawo and carry out those rituals related to your situation.

Each Ifa family conducts this ritual in order to receive guidance regarding the mayor “Theme” of the year. This reading prepares us for what is to come during the new year, and how to manage our affairs in order to receive the most benefits from the year. Challenges and opportunities are revealed so that we can make a conscious decision regarding our personal affairs.

You are strongly advice to consult with your Oluawo on a monthly basis. You want to do this in order to determine if the month ahead will bring part of this Odu to bear on your life.

As children of Olodumare the single most important gift given on to us is our Freedom Of Choice. We stand tall and or fall as a result of the choices we make in life. Knowing that the road ahead is full of obstacles we can’t live with, helps those who listen to council chose a different path they can handle. The reading of the year gives us an overview of the “prevailing winds of change” ahead of us. Ultimately it is our choice to follow council or not.


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