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In the holy Ifa Odu Ose Ofun Ifa tell us the following about pursuing wisdom:

The one who improves perception that is not good.
This was the teaching of Ifa for those who did not know what to do and did not know what to be,
Who were crying out every day about lacking a good destiny.
They said that those who do not know what to do and do not know what to be,
If they study Ifa, their destinies, in the end, will be good.

As you can see by this Odu, all you have to do is study Ifa. Olodumare has empowered us with this universal wisdom which has everything you need in order to have the life you chose to have while in spirit.

Just the other day, I was watching a documentary of a person who has become very successful in an area of life which we all should have some knowledge about; I’m talking about nutrition. Well, this man was born in a beautiful place which he saw getting converted into a wasteland by industry. This man had a before and after picture of the slow decay his home was experiencing and even saw how this decay was being experienced by the towns’ folks as well.

Here was a person, born in a paradise which became a wasteland…

Did he yield to its oppression?


Instead he decided to fight back by studying how the degradation of his birth place was possible and what if anything he could do about it.

This is an example of how we are ultimately responsible for our destiny. Yes, we chose where and to whom we are born, but that is only so that we get exposed to certain dynamics which will serve to propel us to  manifest our true potential for the benefit of our community.

Therefore; do not despair nor feel cheated about the conditions of your birth and the dynamics of your upbringing. Think about them, and uncover the hidden signs which you can identify as the motivators which can guide you to your true purpose in this life-time.

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