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Ifá’s Weekly Guidance Club


  • Delivered Weekly
  • Delivered Via Video
  • Only to Subscribers
  • Delivered by Chief Awodele Ifayemi


Ifá’s Weekly Guidance is a service provided by Chief Awodele Ifayemi to subscribers of this service. Ifá’s Weekly Guidance is delivered via a password-protected article containing a Video via which Chief Awodele Ifayemi personally delivers Ifá’s Guidance for the coming week.

What Will You Get?

What To Expect From The Coming Week & How To Prepare For Any Challenges Coming Your Way

  • Are you ready for next week?
  • Do you know what challenges are waiting for you?
  • Want your very own Crystal Ball?

Then Ifás Weekly Guidance service is what you need. Every weekend Chief Awodele Ifayemi performs divination for the members of this service and publishes a video detailing Ifá’s Guidance for the coming week. These readings present Ifá’s Guidance on Money, Relationships, Health, and Spirituality. Don’t go through life without knowing what is right around the corner. Be “In The Know”, all the time!


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