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  • Up to 4 Ifá Consultation per month
  • Can share with a “Buddy”
  • Personally done by Chief Awodele Ifayemi
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As a free member of Ile Ifá, Chief Awodele has shared a proven system that empowers you to solve the majority of your problems via the assistance of your Ori or Ancestors. Yet there may be times when these spirit guides cannot assist you. It is in those situations that you come to Ifá.


The Dafa Club make consulting Ifá extremely affordable, and with this membership, you can consult Ifá up to 4 times each month for an extremely low price. This plan also has a “Buddy” feature. With the Buddy feature, you can share your plan with one or more buddies each month.

Ifá divination is considered by many academic scholars, anthropologists, and meta-physicians to be one of the oldest and most accurate divination systems in the world. A divination session with Chief Awodele Ifayemi focuses on giving you a permanent solution to your troubles.

Stop wondering what is going on, and once and for all get a permanent solution!


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