Conversation About Ifa

Welcome back to my third installment of Conversation About Itefa. Part two was inspired by a reader which echoed the concerns of many I’ve spoken to over the years regarding Itefa.

On this video, I will share a conversation I was having with a person who was concerned with what he would be able to do after Itefa.

I hope you find this video post informative.

As always, if you have a question related to Itefa or any other Ifa/Orisa related topic, please feel free to ask me via your comments or email.

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  1. OK I am going to tell it like it is. THis may be hurtful to some but is very true. It has been my experience that Divining and doing ceremonies straight after Odu is very much a Lukumi thing.

    As one new “Babalawo” told me “that’s it! I am now a master of the f**king universe!”. This sadly reduces the initiation to a pyramid selling scam. These newbies then want to go out and build the biggest house they can as fast as they can. If newby A has 10 godchildren and newby B has 20 godchildren then newby B is clearly a better Babalawo.

    On a different note if I have twenty Orisha pots and you have ten then I am obviously more powerful than you by don’t f numbers. Which is more crooked thinking.

    This kind of thinking reduces our ATRs to the level of New Age Hucksters.

    1. Alaafia Colin;

      Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion on this subject.

      This is one of those “inconvenient truths” regarding how Ifa is being practiced in the Diaspora. I must say that I know not every Ifa practitioner in the Diaspora has fallen pray of this behavior.

      Best Regards,
      Chief Awodele Ifayemi

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