Orisa Oya

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  1. What if you love the orisia and you are a woman and for some strang reason you feel close to all of them! not just one but all of them? I can understand and feel all the energy as soon as i see a person? but i have no ill feelings towards any one orisia? Why is this?

  2. I Just had a good listen to Oya’s music and i watched the film, it brought tears to my eyes and a cool feeling washed over me, followed by being all of a sudden filled with strength! As my little daughter hummed along and smiled as she watched me dance! The power of sound and music is wonderful! I understand that every path has more than one Orisa who you walk with! this brings comfort to me to understand that I can be at peace with all of them. So many people want to tell you to stay away from this one or “that one is bad for you,” I think sometimes we have a choice to elevate our spirit to get along with all and to focus on right action. So as to banish the division in oneself!

    1. Alaafia;

      Well said!!

      In order to truly accept a person one must accept the “whole” person. We cannot choose which aspects of an individual’s personality we will ignore or endeavor to change. Albeit, we all do this; all aspects of a person, good, and “bad” make the person. We are influenced by all the Orishas. Some of us tend to lean towards one Orisha more than another, but we all express aspects of our Orishas as we travel through this life experience.

      Ogbó àtó Asure Ìwòrìwòfún.

      O dábò!
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