This page is created solely for the purpose of helping you register for the Owo Merindilogun Course. This course will take 6 to 8 months to complete. The course is delivered twice per month. Each class has a duration of two hours, hence you will be given 4 hours of training each month.

Owo Merindilogun is an important divination method practiced by experienced Orisa priests throughout Africa and the African Diaspora. Among the Yoruba in the West Africa, Owo Merindilogun is widely practiced an highly revered alongside two other important forms of divination called obi abata (kolanut) and Ifa.

Throughout the African Diaspora in the Caribbean, South America, North America, and Europe; Owo Merindilogun (aka Erindilogun or Dilogun) is the most widely studied and practiced form of African divination.

In the African Diaspora, priests of Cuban Lukumi, Puerto Rican Lukumi, Haitian Voudou, Brazilian Candomble, Venezuelan Ifa, and United States Lukumi use cowries as their principal divination tool in just about all ritual ceremonies.

Why Am I Offering This Course?

First of all I’m offering this course with the intention to advance Yoruba Traditional Culture and secondly, to facilitate the study and advancement of Awoloorisa (orisa priest).

No single course can encompass all of the information related to Owo Merindilogun. No single course can hope to fulfill the needs of every diviner, however; this course provides substantial information to facilitate the development of amateur, semi-professional, and professional diviners.

What Does This Course Offer?

This course offers instruction on the methodology of using sixteen cowries, which is presently the most popular and widely utilized divination form in a number of countries including United States, South America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Trinidad.

The Seventeen Odu of Owo Merindilogun corresponds to pertinent information concerning one’s

  • Genes
  • Genetic History
  • Psychology
  • Personality
  • Physical Health
  • Longevity
  • Spiritual Development, and Material Prosperity

What is The Tuition For Course?

The Owo Merindilogun course has a tuition of $800. There are three options available to cover this tuition.

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