Oshun Law of Attraction

oshun-3-a-study-for-the-orishas-collectionEvery so often I get to have the honor of accompanying a person in the discovery of their purpose in life. Recently I met such a person, and the most important message she had for me was the message of Oshun’s most important gift to us all.

After years of a personal and intimate relation with this most exquisite Orisha; I’ve come to realize that she is the energy that gives birth to “The Power of Attraction”.

You all have heard hundreds of times that what you entertain in your mind you bring to reality (you manifest). This is because:

  1. Thoughts
  2. Become
  3. Things

That’s right, thoughts are a magnetic signal that is drawing the “parallel” back to you!

If you spend your energy thinking on what you don’t want you will attract just that!

However; you could go crazy by trying to “check” all your thoughts. The good news is you don’t have to. You see, thoughts are manifested as feelings. So “what you feel” is what you attract. If you feel lousy you will attract experiences which will keep you feeling lousy. So how do you want to feel? Then feel that way.

So check yourself; look into the mirror and see how you look. Are you looking like a person who is weighted down by all the “bad things happening”? Or is the reflection on the mirror of a person who is enjoying all the good things life has to offer, and feels great?

  1. Your thought and
  2. Your feelings
  3. Create your life

These are the lessons I’ve learned from this most beautiful and powerful Orisha named Oshun.

Ìbà oshun oloriya igún aréwa obirin

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  1. Oh Baba, you have heard me crying for your help! Thank you for answering so promptly! I’ve so much to learn and eagerly await our next visit!

    1. Ifa always provides. I will be off line for the next 8 days, and upon return look forward to spending some time on the phone with you.

      Agbo Ato

    1. Alaafia Olly;

      I appreciate your comment, and you can rest assured that I will continue to add information which I feel will contribute to clarify what Ifa is and in doing so hopefully answer your questions. Please feel free to post any questions you may have on the subject.

      Agbo Ato
      Awodele Ifayemi

    1. Alaafia Raymond;

      Thank you for your visit and your comment. In Ifa we believe that we are spirits experiencing a physical reality. Focusing on the body and ignoring the spirit yields partial results; as the spirit will once again radiate it’s problem in the body. Your thought or if you will; your inspirations are spirit born, thus it is important to pay attention to the things a person is focusing on most of the time. Whatever that thought is, it becomes a focal point of their energy. To that which we invest emotional energy we tend to manifest. Think about it.

      Agbo Ato

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