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Now I go to work for you. The production of a Life Path Reading requires I perform certain rituals which will take three working days to complete. I only do this type of reading Monday – Wednesday and never in the weekends. If you have purchased this reading between Thursday and Sunday, I will start the three-day rituals on the following Monday.

We all hope to spend our lives doing what we love most – but that does not mean we have to do it for a living. Whether you’ve got plenty of time to yourself or not nearly enough, using it to go after what interest you, move you, and gratifies you can be as rewarding as any dream job.

The Yoruba believe that we are all born with a specific destiny. Before our soul came to earth, we made the decision as to what our destiny was to be and in so doing we chose our guardian Orisa and guardian Ancestors to guide us on that path. Ifa Divination reveals this information, and it is included in your reading.

You have made perhaps one of the most intelligent decisions in your life. A Life Path Reading – helps you find your real talents and creative skills, financial abilities, the direction you should take in life and the areas in which you are likely to do well. The following topics are covered by your Life Path Reading:

The information revealed in your Life Path Reading will serve to help you identify areas in which you may want to work on to improve yourself, as well as recognize that there are aspects of you that are pretty darn good and you should be proud of that.

Everywhere that man went he was guided by a compass or other systems of navigation. Man has always found a way to navigate this planet but has yet to learn how to discover itself. Our humanity as a whole has not learned that we have it within our capacity to create the kind of life we say we dream of having someday. Well, I can tell you that you can start working on that life by following the advice of your Life Path Reading.

You have definitely made a wise investment.


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