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This is my Self-Empowerment Track and is my way of sharing my love, and understanding of Ifa. I understand that many individuals have come to Ifa for many reasons, and others have stumbled upon Ifa unexpectedly. I do not refer to such experiences as a coincidence since it is my belief that “coincidences” do not exist.

As an Oluawo it is my charge to share my knowledge of Ifa with whoever is seeking to find their “truth” in life.

I see my purpose as helping my clients achieve Self-empowerment. It is not my goal to make you depend on me to help you make a decision or solve a problem. I am here to empower you with knowledge and tools that will help you make the right decisions, and solve your problems.

Ifá is a Spiritual Philosophy that teaches Self-Empowerment via Self-Accountability.

This means that the one thing you are 100% in control of – Your Choices – have created and will create the experiences you are having now and will have in your next life.

This is great news!!

Now you know that you are in charge, and no one can make you do anything you do not choose to do! – This is Empowering!!!

Benefits of the Free Membership Plan

This plan will teach you how to tap into the knowledge of your Ancestors and your Guiding Spirits in order to help you solve your own problems. I understand that there will be times when you will need my assistance, but it will be your Ancestors or Guiding Spirits which will tell you to call upon me.

It is your Birth Right to call upon your Ancestors and Guiding Spirits to come to your assistance.

It is my job to empower you with this knowledge. That is my role in our life.

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