Ifa was cast for Omo Orisa for the week of July 4th 2016. The advice given is short and to the point. If you would like a more detail reading, please schedule a private session with Chief Awodele Ifayemi.

Advice for Omo Esu

This week could start a revolution in your financial sector, encouraging you to manage your money more efficiently. Over the rest of the week, conversations and opportunities that come your way could open doors that help you earn more. The potential for increasing your income is certainly there. You only need to be alert to take advantage while you can. If you’re willing to put in a little more effort, you could get big results. Your social scene sparkles this week, with plenty of encouragement from Esu to network on plans and projects. Ifa said this might be the jumping-off point for a collaboration that proves very fruitful. However, the week isn’t without its difficulties, as Thursday brings the potential for misunderstandings. You may be willing to compromise if it means keeping your friendships intact. Romantic opportunities look plentiful, with one in particular worth pursuing.

Advice for Omo Ogun

This week brings an opportunity for a new start on the home front. If you’ve had a vision of how you want a room, garden, or the whole property to look, the week ahead could spur you on to make it happen. And it seems that the funds will be available for you to go ahead. However, you and your partner or other loved ones may need to negotiate plans that work for everyone.

Advice for Omo Obatala

In what do you most want to invest? Whatever it is, Obatala encourages you to move in a direction that brings the best possible outcome. You could have more resources at your disposal than you realize, and they include faith in yourself and in what you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re worried that you might lose out, it could be because certain fears are getting in the way. They may begin to dissipate when you take the first step.

Advice for Omo Yemaya

Yemaya says that this week is the best week of the year for you, as it allows you a platform to make a fresh start. This is like having another birthday – there’s the possibility of your wishes being granted. It would be worthwhile to spend time thinking about what things you want to achieve in the coming year and writing them down. You may be surprised by how many items come true as a result. One budding romance could blossom, too. This is your time to strut into the limelight and showcase your skills and talents. This isn’t the time to hide your light under a barrel. Shine brightly so that everyone can see. This week is the best time to set your intention to get your creative ideas out to the world. Romance is also in the cards, with the week ahead bringing options for some sizzling nights out – or in!

Advice for Omo Osun

Get ready for an interesting week in which you’ll be eager to broaden your horizons. The only thing that might stop you is any doubt you may harbor. Someone could step in as a mentor, encouraging you to relax your comfort zone and try. This is the perfect time to write down your goals for this week and next and psyche yourself up to reach for them. There may be others who disagree with you, and you might need to have a heart-to-heart talk with some. However, it may only take a diplomatic approach to win them over. All that’s needed is for you to take that first step!

Advice for Omo Sango

With a focus on your lifestyle sector, this is an opportunity to reorganize your routines so that you can achieve more even as you have more fun. You should avoid days that are completely devoid of relaxation. In fact, Thursday could bring an event your way that helps you realize the fruitlessness of an attitude of “all work and no play.” Think about treating yourself to a spa day, movie, or anything else that makes you feel really good.

Advice for Omo Oya

Far horizons beckon early in the week calling you to go on new adventures. This could be a time when you choose to take a class, travel, or even work or retire abroad. What could stop you from taking that first step is a desire to hang on to the past. However, nothing stays the same. The urge you have to push forward and take on new challenges is one that you should consider very seriously.

Advice to Omo Obalu’Aye

Relationships could be very rewarding this week, particularly with matters relating to connections and companionship; bringing new possibilities your way. This is certainly a time to negotiate as opposed to trying to force the pace or bend a situation to meet your needs. Gaining the cooperation of others might mean that you can achieve a lot more than you could alone. If you have influential friends, they may be willing to pull a few strings for you.

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