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Ifa Divination for the year 2011 Ogbe Irete

The reading of the year 2011 was conducted by Senior Ifa Priest Awodele Ifayemi. The Sacred Odu Ogbe Irete, also known as Ogbe Ate, and Ogbe Seete, was revealed to our Egbe located in Denver Colorado.

Each Ifa family conducts this ritual in order to receive guidance regarding the mayor “Theme” of the year. This reading prepares us for what is to come during the new year, and how to manage our affairs in order to receive the most benefit from the year. Challenges and opportunities are revealed so that we can make a conscious decision regarding our personal affairs.

As children of Olodumare the single most important gift given on to us is our Freedom Of Choice. We stand tall and or fall as a result of the choices we make in life. Knowing that the road ahead is full of obstacles we can’t live with, helps those who listen to council chose a different path they can handle. The reading of the year gives us an overview of the “prevailing winds of change” ahead of us. Ultimately it is our choice to follow council or not.

The Odu for the year 2011 is Ogbe Ate

This will be a potentially challenging year. Specifically in the realm of finances. Much advice is given so that you can overcome the financial challenges, as well as take advantage of the financial opportunities this year brings.

First of all those of you feeling you have not being able to achieve your ambitions, like prosperity, and a stable dwelling; shoukd note that the financial challenges this year brings can be overcome.

The secret to overcoming these challenges is to “know” specifically what you want. You must be able to have a clear mental picture of what you want and be able to clearly articulate to your Ifa and Olodumare exactly what you want, and not what you think may please the Deities.

You should not leave the decision on how successful you want to become to the deities. If you wish to build many houses in life, you must tell Ifa to please give you the opportunity of building the exact number of houses you wish for. You must clearly articulate what type of prosperity you wish to be associated with.

You must be sure in your mind what your needs and aspirations are before approaching Ifa for help.

Following this advice will empower you to be the “master” of your destiny. You will be able to control your world successfully. However; you must be aware of useless people who think of nothing but evil on a daily basis. In other words, stay away from ambitious people who will stop at nothing to get their way.

For those of you planning a trip, Ifa says you need to perform ritual to your Egbe so as to avoid being disgraced and humiliated both at home and at your destination.

Ifa says that the situation at home is far from rosy. Many of your colleagues have concluded that you should be disgraced. However; Ifa says that this shall not come to pass. Ifa says that where you plan to travel is also clouded with uncertainty. However; you will not face disgrace both at home and where you are going.

You will also be challenged by the ridicule of slanderers. Ifa recognizes that no matter how hard you try to do good to people, they still go behind your back to defame you. However; there is no need to seek legal redress against these people; all you need to do is offer appropriate sacrifice in order to overcome all the evil plans and acts of your slanderers.

Remember that the main challenge of this year is financial obstacles, and one of them deals with the fact that most of the people you consider to be your friends are only close to you because of what they will gain from you. If there is nothing to gain anymore, they will disappear. Therefore; it is in your best interest to offer sacrifice in order  for you to be able to recognize those whom you can really rely on come think or thin. However; once you have identified your pretenders do not speak against them. If you do, you shall be disgraced by them.

Those of you whom are contemplating re-inventing yourselves this year, Ifa says that you will be better off in the medical or paramedical field. These include medicine, pharmacy, nursing, physical-therapy, herbal medicine, and so on. However; you must make sure that these fields are indeed in your path.

Ladies, in particular those of you who are married, Ifa has a word or two of advice…

You need to respect your husband at all times, and listen to what he tells you and abide by his rules, and regulations at all times. You must show concern for your husband and his welfare so as to live a happy and successful marital life. If you do this, your own place of honor will be assured. However; if you have no respect for your husband or his family, if you show no concern for his welfare  and refuse to abide by his rules and regulations, you will be disgraced out of your own home.

Gentlemen, Ifa also has a few words for you as well…

You must be paying more attention to the day-to-day activities inside your home. You must not devote all your energies to helping others to solve their problems at the expense of your own time. If you were to devote some time to look at your own home affairs, you will be more successful in all things you are doing. You will also gain the respect and recognition of not only your peers, but most importantly; your spouse.

Ifa also says that you must uphold all the tenets of Ifa ans EGUNGUN. You must never abandon the two deities. you must also propagate them at all times, and under no conditions should you abandon Ifa and EGUNGUN as a result of probllems, frustrations or disappointment.

Ifa says that there was a traditional family business which had been abandoned. Ifa says that you need to go back to this business. This business would enhance your chances for success.

Ifa also says that you should consider getting initiated so as to be comfortable in life. Not only this, but you need to observe the warnings contained in your Odu.

Ifa says that you must be able to avoid common pitfalls and be able to use your intelligence at all times. you must not contravene simple laws of society and those of nature. In other words, you must, after being initiated, re-initiate yourself.

Ifa says:

A kii ji ni kutukutku
Ka ma mo Odu to da ni s’aiye
Dia fun Olupo Alaelu
Eyi t f’eyin tin
To n fekun sarahun ire gbogbo
Ey ti ile aye ni lara kokooko bi ota
Won ni ko sakaale, ebo ni sise
Ko si lo ree te ifa
O gbe’bo, o r’ubo
Ko pe, ko jinnna
Ire gbogbo wa ya de tuturu
Ifa de o, Alase
Ope abise warawara


It is not advisable for one to wake up in the dawn of one’s life
Without knowing the Odu that gave birth to one
This was the declaration of Ifa to Olupo Alaelu
Who reclined
And was weeping in lamentation of his inability to achieve all Ire in life
He whose life was as hard and tough as pebbles
He was advised to offer sacrifice
And also told to undergo initiation
He complied
Before long, not to far
All Ire in life came to him in abundance
Here comes Ifa, the embodiment of Ase
The holy palm tree, which ensures that its predictions come to pass with rapidity.

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