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  1. This is a great work! This is highly inspirational . May the ancestors guide you and bless you has you are promoting this heritage of ours.

  2. I am Vincent Fekpe from Ghana . I just want to say that all you said about Ifa is true . My grandfather practised it before and helped many people to become great men in positions of glory . Not only that , he saved the lives of many . However , I was not able to learn anything from him before he passed over 20 years ago . Now , there is no one to continue from where he left . I was initiated into Ifa when I was a child . My mom told me and my sign is Woliwofu ? Please , can you tell me about this and what I should do to become empowered in my field of endeavours especially guiding and directing people to know about what their ancestors have left for them and how they should them to gain confidence etc .

    1. Alaafia Vincent;

      Thank you for your visit and interest in Ifa. I consider it an honor to assist you in achieving your goals. Please email me directly so that we can take this discussion off line and enjoy the privacy this matter requires.

      Oloye Awodele Ifayemi

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