Godliness is all about heaven
Heaven is about the unknown
Unknown precipitates fear
While fear leads to torment
The tormented would seek for solution


On the Preface of this classical work in Yorùbá tradition Professor A. Babalola Borisade Honorable Minister of Education states:

“This is the product of a research work that elucidates the beauty of the language, culture, music and social stratification of the Yorùbás as a distinct race in Nigeria.

This book is an addition to the number of books available in the book industry that demonstrates Ifá, the Yorùbá mythology as the custodian of the literature, sanctity, and Deities of the Yorùbá nation.

Written in modern Yorùbá language, the author has translated this into English for easy understanding and assimilation to make a good reading for scores of devotees Ifá worldwide.

This work lends itself for further research and in-depth studies into the beliefs and myths in the areas of metaphysics, cosmology, and science. More importantly, it serves to protect the sacred poems of Ifá from extinction.

I commend the efforts of the author for using his natural talent in unearthing this aspect of Yorùbá tradition. I am positive that those wielding the scepter of tradition would find this a useful and quintessential material”.

I agree with the Honorable Minister Of Education. Ayo Salami; author of this beautifully presented work on the Sacred Corpus of Ifá has done an exceptional job.

Ifa - A Complete Divination eBook Version

IFÁ A Complete Divination gives you a comprehensive presentation of 256 Odù beautifully articulated in Yorùbá and English side-by-side. If you are a student of Ifá and or a practicing Ifá priest, then this book will be an invaluable resource for your studies, and practice.

There are a total of 256 Odù in Ifá. These comprise of 16 main, i.e. the right hand, Orúnmila, having the same mark or signature with the left, Esù. The rest of the 240 are termed “Àmúlù” or mixture with the right and left hands have different marks.

According to Abímbolá, each of the 256 signatures or Odù has a total of about 800 poems attached to it, this a total of 256 X 800 poems found in Ifá alone; out of which the Babaláwo would look for one that matches the Odù cast to chant. Orúnmila is the only one that knows and could chant all the verses.

These verses were taught to his students and passed down through generations until it is the turn of our present day Babaláwos. However, because of so many factors, many of these poems have been lost and are still being lost daily. This book captures for time immortal part of this beautiful Oral tradition.

IFÁ, A Complete Divination has come to aggregate in continuity, poems of Ifá as scattered all over the world so that it could be a thing to ponder on; and be used to reshape the already broken life of man where terror, hatred, and anarchy are the rulers of the day.

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  1. This is a great work! This is highly inspirational . May the ancestors guide you and bless you has you are promoting this heritage of ours.

  2. I am Vincent Fekpe from Ghana . I just want to say that all you said about Ifa is true . My grandfather practised it before and helped many people to become great men in positions of glory . Not only that , he saved the lives of many . However , I was not able to learn anything from him before he passed over 20 years ago . Now , there is no one to continue from where he left . I was initiated into Ifa when I was a child . My mom told me and my sign is Woliwofu ? Please , can you tell me about this and what I should do to become empowered in my field of endeavours especially guiding and directing people to know about what their ancestors have left for them and how they should them to gain confidence etc .

    1. Alaafia Vincent;

      Thank you for your visit and interest in Ifa. I consider it an honor to assist you in achieving your goals. Please email me directly so that we can take this discussion off line and enjoy the privacy this matter requires.

      Oloye Awodele Ifayemi

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