Self Empowerment through Ifa

Self Empowerment Through Ifa And Orisha WorshipWhen I was initiated into Ifa the only goal I had was to get to know myself better, and in so doing eliminate certain aspects of my character which constantly got me in trouble. Little did I know that through Ifa and Orisha worship, I would find an everlasting source of self empowerment.

Many come to Ifa and or Orisha worship to solve problems that have manifested in their lives. The source of these problems quite often is the client. It is true that we suffer at the hands of others without our instigation, but we tend to instigate retaliations more often than not.

The problem most of us face is not recognizing that our behavior brings about a number of consequences we must face. We will call these consequences repercussions. Like the ripples created over the surface of a body of water by a skipping stone willed by our hand. We will experience the waves created by our action.

Ahun, Ela ma ma je o hun mi o ahun
Repercussions, Ela don’t let me suffer any repercussions

The sacred Odu Owonrin teaches us that we need to understand how our choices impact our future. The choices we make will  determine the blessings or challenges we are to experience. It is important that you understand that the choices I’m talking about are those you make; both consciously, and subconsciously. You see, opting to not take action is the same thing as making the choice to do nothing about a situation.

Every choice you make has its repercussions. It is therefore imperative that you understand that you take charge of your own destiny via the choices you make. 

Knowing that you are in charge of your destiny is both liberating and empowering. This means that no one has control over your future but you, via the choices you make.

I recognize that it is very disconcerting to realize that you have such power over your life. But it is true. I also understand that there are some people who will find this truth to be something they prefer to reject.

Why would anyone reject this truth? Because this truth says that they cannot blame others for their own failures and problems.  Remember that choosing to take action and not choosing to take action is still a choice. Both will set into action a set of challenges which will be the repercussions you are to experience down the road.

The challenges set into action by the choices we make are to be experience some time latter in life. This is what causes us to wonder where the problems we are now experiencing came from. We end up say things like; “What have I done to deserve this?”

Ifa and Orisha Worship is about self empowerment which is gained by accepting the truth of self.

Accept yourself, be who you are. Let go of the need to please every one. You do not have to be liked by everyone you meet. Pretending to be someone you are not just to be liked by others; relinquishes your control over your life and empowers others to control you. Is this what you want?

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