Imori Ceremony

During a reading session with a Babalawo, certain messengers called Odu manifest themselves over the Opon Ifa. These messengers almost always refer to life’s circumstances; it is the conditioning of circumstances that offers resistance to the irresistible energies of the Orisas.

The influence of the Odus can be compared to the force of evolution, which we must make adjustments or modifications in our personal desires and behaviors so that we can function within the master plan.

Survival often depends on successfully making necessary concessions to conditions over which there is no control within the environment, which consists of everything and everone. While much of our experience is benign, to be sure, problems do occur when we either cannot adapt or refuse to adapt.

The circumstances of life can bring conflict and frustration to use all, often coinciding with temporary defeat and unhappiness. These difficulties, however, are necessary for character growth and development and eventual fulfillment of one’s destiny (iwapele).

While there is an endless variety of material conditions to deal with in the world, we can choose, by our attitudes and behavior, the effect of those conditions on us. By focusing on our inner forces as well as on the outer, visible effects, we can create purpose in life.

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