TruceBesides clarity and peace, we have truce. Truce is different from peace. Truce is peace in action.

Truce is actually applying the concept of peace externally, through negotiation, through peace-making with family members, colleagues, deep emotional relationships, or within communities, or within cultures, or globally.

The Orishas Obatala and Ogun remind us that truce-making of any kind requires openness and flexibility of mind (Obatala), and negotiating requires that we stay in balance and not get in any kind of extreme position (Ogun).

“Truce is the capacity to mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically resolve things at the core of who we are. Once a truce has been reached, we can move out of conflict, doubt, and confusion.”

On this Odu Eji Ogbe says:

Let us not engage the world hurriedly,
Let us not grasp at the rope of wealth impatiently.
That which should be treated with mature judgement,
Let us not deal with in a state of uncontrolled passion.
When we arrive at a cool place,
Let us rest fully.
Let us give continued attention to the future.
Let us give deep consideration to the consequences of things.
And this because of our eventual passing.

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