MeditationIn our previous article we talked about the gift of clarity which can transform any negative mental state. The other quality in the mind that we can utilize as a portal for growth or as a gift, talent and resource that can transform any negative state of mind is peace.

The Odu Iwori Meji calls for introspection, the necessity to go within in order to maintain balance. Iwori illustrates the benefits of quiet contemplation. Iwori signals the ability to view things in their true light.

This Odu marks a purposeful endeavor. It reminds one that understanding will be gleaned from struggle. Framed by two closed segments, Iwori brings protection through the act of enclosing which is peace of the mind, or the meditative mind. It’s the mind that has resolved conflict.

Iwori is peace that is experienced at a deep subconscious level, and peace that gives one experience and balance, harmony and objectivity.

It is the meditative mind, the reflective mind, the mind that has totally resolved conflict. Iwori as a mandala gives us a picture that quality of mind that is our inner guidance, or the meditative mind where resolution, or peace of mind, can be experience.

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