Life After Death

Have you ever wondered if anything happens after death? There are some who say that nothing happens after you die. You just stop being; like a computer you turn off, and then remove the CMOS Battery. It just becomes a box full of sheet metal and ceramic.

What do you believe happens after Death?

Many religions have a dogma they preach regarding what happens after we die. I have my own opinion. I like to believe you have one too. So what do you think (or want to believe or have a heartfelt conviction regarding) what happens after we die?

Some believe that when you die, nothing happens. Your thoughts, memories, awareness just turns off.

Several years ago I had a surgical procedure which required full anesthesia. I remembered being on the gurney, on a hallway, waiting to be rolled into the operating room.  The Anesthesiologist walks in and after injecting the anesthesia into my “IV”, tells me to count from 100 back to one. I remember getting to 94, and then all of a sudden I’m sitting on a chair in another room wearing a different hospital gown. How did that happen?

I was told the procedure took 2 hours. So what happened to my consciousness during that time? I had no memories of what was happening to me during those 2 hours. It was as if they had never happened. Two hours of my life I cannot recall. Yeah! I’m still freaked out.

So is this what “they” mean? Nothing happens, you just stop existing?

Is There Life After Death?

When we speak of life, some of us envision a reality that is somewhat tangible. Perhaps one where we can “see” and “touch” loved ones who died before we did.

A life where no pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth exist. Some of you may call this paradise and others may call it heaven.

Therefore; the question put forth is what kind of “Life” are we talking about? Is it going to be a version similar to this one? Some religions say we will have a heavenly body. What does that mean? What is a heavenly body? For that matter where is this heaven?

I know that what we experience in life is a direct result of the choices we make. Hence; you are in control one hundred percent of the time all the time. Is it possible that whatever our expectation of life after life is will be the “reality” we experience after we die?

I know that the experience I had during my surgery was not a “near death experience”. I did not have the symptoms medically recorded by those who have had this experience. I have no idea of the anesthesia given to me nor what exactly did it do to my consciousness. But if that is what happens to us when we die, is it that bad?

Certain religions say we will be resurrected by a savior upon his return. To those who hold this to be their truth, people who died one-thousand years ago will be resurrected with no perception of the one-thousand years they have been dead.

They will just be self-aware, conscious of their new surroundings, feeling as bewildered as I did all the sudden finding me sitting on a chair wearing a different garment than the one I just had on.

What Is the Truth About Life After Death?

Cogito ergo sum – “I think; therefore, I am” – René Descartes

I have learned that I shape and influence the life experiences I have through the thoughts and feelings I give energy to. You do this as well; if you wake up expecting to have a bad day, guess what? You end up having a bad day.

I think this applies to what happened after death.

Your expectations, believes, and fears contribute to what will happen to you after death.

But There is A Problem with This Theory

In order for you to experience something after death, you must be aware of self. You must have some conciseness and reasoning abilities. But how is this possible if your body has completely shut down? Don’t we need our brain to have consciousness?

Do We Need a Brain to Be Alive?

I’ve done some research on this matter, and have come across a number of documentary videos where this argument has been entertained and even scientifically explored by many Doctors and scientists.

I won’t bore you with the details, but there seems to be enough compelling evidence indicating that we do not need our brain in order to have and or experience conciseness.

If my consciousness continues after my brain and body ceases to function, then I must make room for the possibility that “I” am not my body. So why do I cling to this body so much?

My body allows me to experience the physical world. It allows me to enhance my experiences with associated sensory input. There are some memories that when recollected, the smells, feelings, sounds, colors, and even taste are re-experienced as if I was “in the moment” it actually happened. Without the body we are not able to recollect such vivid details.

I believe we carry these memories with us after we die. I believe we create the experience we will have after our consciousness departs our body, based on our beliefs.

What do you belief?

Please share your opinion on this topic with my other readers by adding your comment bellow.

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  1. I agree with you 100% I find your arguments very intriguing as they present long held beliefs that I share with many others of this world both past and present in a very well thought out package for the modern mind. I too have had the anesthesia experience and also found it very unsettling. still I believe our consciousness journeys on and how we form our beliefs and opinions on the afterlife are extremely important due to this. Thank you for your patient and understanding approach please keep the articles coming they are of great bennifit to the world! Jon

  2. Interesting article! I also believe consciousness remains after death. That is the Egun sector in Aborisha practice. It is thesame all over the world. It is not difficult to come to terms with this. King Saul in the Bible contacted Prophet Samuel after that one’s death. I have read a story of a dying man mentioning the names of dead relatives and he mentioned the name of someone who died recently whose death was not reported to him so as not to sadden him! Theology needs to be expanded and studied. The magic is exciting. Magicians can teleport (Egbe), levitate or use Afeeri invisibility. If you can do that, you understand life after death!

    What happens after death is clear, you come back again if you are needed on Earth otherwise, you stay home. Heaven is home.

  3. I believe I will return to consciousness that is Serene. There will be cosmic colors, heavenly angels, family portraits, and and transforming stages in my journey appearing like a dream. I will hear a voice that says, “You made it, there are no tricks, no harm, and no weapons will prosper against you. Even if they attempt to rise, Divine Love will block and protect you. You’re safe, and you may stay, and rest in heaven. When the time is right, you will return to experience life and truth again, and Divine Love will be with you always, you will overcome, as always, and return home safely, as always. Now rest, my child.”

  4. As for me, I believe ‘Man’ is a spirit being, having a soul and living in a physical body. Death simply seperates the spirit from the body hence the soul is what ignites the afterlife consciousness based on what kind of life one has lived while existing in the bodily form.
    In all of these however, I believe an overall Judge exists-(God), who enforces this aforementioned order- for such arrangement couldn’t have been abinitio if not backed up with a supernatural force. Hence, this Judge has a role of judgement to play for every spirit being with respect to good or evil.
    How He will assess good or evil I don’t know, what parameters He’ll use I don’t know… but I am sure every spirit will reckon for the bodily existence.
    The aftermath of the reckoning will determine what happens next. While some will be happily rewarded, some will be happily unhappily rewarded.
    For life will be too vain and silly if these post life experiences does not exist.
    Even though the limitations of our mortality may not allow us to be able to prove this afterlife ‘school of thought’ beyond reasonable doubt, It does not eradicate its validity as well.

    1. Alaafia Adeyinka;

      Please accept my apologies for my late reply. As you can imagine, since returning from Nigeria with Malaria, I got behind on my work, and I’ve been working none stop getting up to speed. Good news is that I’m finally caught up.

      Keep an eye to an email I’ll be sending out sometime this week…

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      Ogbó àtó Asure Ìwòrìwòfún.

      O dábò!
      Chief Awodele Ifayemi
      Atunwase Awo of Ilobuland

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