For all of us, our worlds are an interaction between our perceptions and physical “reality.” Our perceptions are molded and channeled by our interpretations, attitudes and assumptions about what is real and what is possible.

When Charles Darwin and the crew of the H.M.S. Beagle anchored off the shore of Patagonia, they discovered the natives living there literally could not see the ship. Though the Beagle was only a quarter of a mile offshore, the natives could not imagine such a large vessel. Though they could perceive the smaller boats in which the crew rowed to shore, for the natives — the Beagle did not exist!’

For many years, people were convinced that running a mile in four minutes was “impossible.” After Roger Bannister broke the barrier, many more people followed course. Despite the old cliche that “Seeing is believing,” it often seems more the case that people “see what they believe” rather than “believing what they see” (and similarly for what we “hear” and “feel”).

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  1. I can relate this topic with my experiences in the ATR. Baby! when I tell (no disrespect, Baba), when I tell you I don’t doubt nothing those ole folks told me when I was little never again. The day of my presentation before the drums, I was sober as a jaybird. No cigarettes, wine, sex or nothing for months prior to. I was lead outside in front of a large ATR community by a bell. They told me to do certain things before the batas, madrina, etc. Then I entered a welcoming crowd. I prayed secretly to Yemoja/ Olokun to protect me because people was video taping us secretly in the windows of the main house, and to help me get thru this ceremony. Lo behold, as I entered that circle of priest/priestesses, my body swirled after awhile of dancing. All I remember clearly is awakening in the room where the other iyawos looked frightened and my madrinas consoled me with confidence that I was truly a child of “YEMOJA”. My godparents clapped with pride. I was driven around the city from house to house in celebration afterwards with so many praises and well wishes . It was undescrible. I needed to sleep 4 a day to regroup. I don’t take the ATR lightly, Baba.

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