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Training Required To Become A BabalawoMany have asked me how they can go about becoming a Babalawo, and the first thing that comes to mind is why in the worlds would anyone want to become a Babalawo.

The agency of a Babalawo demands much of an individual and the rewards are meager at best. Becoming a Babalawo is a burden which few have been able to bear successfully. Much is demanded of you, and little if anything is promised.

The first step to becoming a Babalawo is to visit a Babalawo and inquire if this is in your path. We all have a particular destiny to fulfill, and not everyone is born with becoming a Babalawo as part of their destiny.

Becoming a Babalawo requires much training and discipline. So one of the recommendations I can give you is to be willing to study much before you even face a potential client. Even if this takes you several years of study.

Consider this, not everyone is born to be a physician, and those who labor to be one spend nearly 10 year or more of hard study and hardship to become an efficient physician. In respect to does who have pursued this admirable profession and calling, becoming a Babalawo requires no less persistent study and hardship.

As a Babalawo you will be charge with the spiritual care and healing of a community. You will be called upon to solve disputes, and empower your community to be self-reliant and sufficient, but most importantly to grow spiritually. These objectives are not easy to accomplish as few are interested in “spiritual growth”, and prefer to know how to increase their lot in life. Many times at the expense of someone else failure.

Therefore; you must show how wrong this is, and find a way to help them understand that everyone can be equally successful and can live in harmony, even if the other person is in the same type of business as they are. They need to know that all they have to do is offer a better service and not a better price.

Becoming a Babalawo requires a person to first learn how to overcome their own idiosyncrasies as well as challenges brought upon by their own personality miss givings.  Upon receiving the “Hand of Orunmila” you will be challenged by the man in the mirror.

You will have to finally face the person in the mirror, and learn to overcome all the obstacles which that person has brought to your life.

If you are not able to solve your own issues, how can you solve the issues of your community?

Becoming a Babalawo requires you to first overcome all your personal issues, so that you can help others do the same. If you have not personally experienced their troubles, how can you help them. This is why becoming a Babalawo is so challenging.

The very first year after receiving the “Hand of Orunmila” will be a very challenging year.

You will find yourself faced with issues you thought stayed in your past. Every aspect of your personality which has causes you issues in the past will come to visit again.

You will have to deal with yourself, and recognize that the issues and or stumbling blocks you are dealing with are nothing else but opportunities to grow, and to learn how to overcome your deficiencies. If you have a tendency to go into denial when you do something you should have never done or when someone does something to you, then such situations will present themselves again in order for you to once and for all confront your fears.

Becoming a Babalawo means you need to learn how to confront fears. Everyone runs away from that which creates fear. Yet it is that very fear which we have to learn to conquer.

Becoming a Babalawo means you have to learn how to empower others with the knowledge needed to overcome their own fears and obstacles.

The biggest mistake, and an often practice behavior is to create an aura of mystery and cloak and dagger about what you do. There is no mystery; people attract to their lives that which they project. Becoming a Babalawo requires you to learn how to empower people with the knowledge of how to attract everything that is good in live.  If they are projecting negativity and doubt, people will feel negative about them, and will doubt their intentions and capability.

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  1. Aboru Aboye Abosise,
    Adupe O Baba, it is important to know that initiation into any of the priestly capacities/ agencies of our ATR’s should be viewed in the correct light. We are becoming and working on behalf of the energies of this universe, we are offering ourselves to the Orisa, not the other way around.

  2. A hungry man can not tell the truth IFA say says:

    Like in any other religion there are rotten people with desperate need for taking advantage of other people. Hiding behind the religion and trying to abuse the authority as Babalawos for their own needs or financial gain. This religion is becoming business in the first place. Because some babalawos had difficult life they are prone to take advantage of other people like anaybody else. Therefore why we should continue to glorify Babalawos as some of them are psichologicaly disturbed and trying to hide their shortcomings behind the religion and being able to function only as Babalawos nad not as normal people

    Awo Orisha

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