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Asking Ifa questions during divination is important in order for you to fully comprehend the message being given. Ifa divination is extremely important in the practice of Yoruba traditional religion. However; many clients fail to grasp the value of these questions and fail to comprehend how important it is to have active interaction with the Ifa divination session.

In this article I will talk about the role of the client asking ifa questions during divination. There are two types of questions you will need to bring to the divination session. In this article I will address the first question. In the next article, I will speake about the second type of question you should be asking Ifa during divination.

The first question is the one dealing with your issue. This is an extremely important question which you should begin thinking about even before you arrive at the Ifa divination appointment.

Asking Ifa questions during divination is your right

And like all rights, asking ifa questions during divination imposes upon you certain responsibilities. These responsibilities are easy to understand and execute provided you comprehend why you must fulfill them.

Asking Ifa questions during divination requires you to invest some time thinking about your question. You must consider several things like “Did I do or fail to do something which may have contributed to my problems?”

Many of us fail to realize that every issue we suffer through involves two individuals, us and the person on the other side of the issue. And the dynamics of all troubles suffered by every living human being involve one person failing to consider another person.

By way of example, I will give you one such instance which I’m sure you have either observed or was a part of it…

You are on the highway and someone cuts right in front of you without signaling. Or the highway is bumper to bumper, but there is one person who feels his time is more important than yours and takes the shoulder emergency lane to pass you and everyone in front of you to then force himself back into the highway lane. I could go on and on, but the question is, “What did you do?”

You see, I’ve seen several people get out of their own lane just to pursue the other person, and I’ve even seen others drive slightly out of their lane just to block the other person’s progress. These are acts of aggression, no matter how you look at them, and it is these acts or similar acts that lead us to a place where we end up in an altercation.

Did you start off your day saying, “Today I’m going to be a hard ass”

I don’t think that we start our day with this attitude, at least not intentionally or consciously.

Yet we allow others who are behaving like an ass make us become one with little to no effort.

So here is just one example of how we can easily get involved in an altercation which brings to our lives a set of repercussions we end up suffering over a prolonged period of time.

You have heard the old saying “It takes two to tango.”

Well that is a universal truth….

All it takes is for one person to buy into the anger or issue of another and you end up with a five-mile long traffic jam.

So before asking Ifa questions during divination invest time thinking about your issue. You will be surprised at the conclusions and different ways in which you will start looking at your problem. You are advised to deliberate over your problems.

Deliberating over your problem requires you to ask yourself several questions…

  • Could you have dealt with the issue differently?
  • Did you do or fail to do or say something which would have to change the outcome of the matter at hand?
  • Did you get offended because the person hit on a topic that is very sensitive to you?

These are but a few questions which you should explore. I have learned that as we take the time to share our troubles with a good listener, we end up identifying the solution. This is true, and I know you have had this experience. We all have, and the reason for this will surprise you.

When you talk about your problems with a good listener you always end up with the right solution. This is so because the answer to all of our problems is found within us.

Why is this the case?

Because we all have contributed to our dilemmas one way or another.

When we ponder over our problems with a truthful heart we end up realizing that we have actually contributed to our problem. This is the truth which Ifa will reveal unto you. However; as great as this realization is, we are still left somewhat empty. This is because we still need to find out how we should go about resolving this issue, and making sure it never happens again.

The main objective of an Ifa divination session is to arrive at the “root cause” of your problems.

If you have invested time and effort deliberating over your problem, and have followed the advice given to you in this article when Asking Ifa Questions During Divination you will get answers which speak right to your heart. The answers will be undeniable, they will confirm your own conclusions and in doing so will validate your understanding of the problem. Then Ifa will tell you what to do in order to solve this problem so that you never have to deal with it again.

Asking Ifa Questions During Divination is important in order to arrive at a point where you can understand what you need to do in order to solve your problem permanently. But Asking Ifa Questions During Divination when you have not taken the time to think about your problems will cause the divination session to create more questions, confusion, and doubt.

Asking Ifa questions during divination is your responsibility

Make sure your Ifa divination session is successful. Invest some time thinking about your problems, then asking Ifa questions during divination will yield answers which speak directly about your problems, and Ifa will give you the solution to permanently solve your problem.

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  1. Iboru Abure,
    Finally, I was able to read your article thoroughly being that I have been busy with school. Your piece is quite simplistic and straightforward. This is a good thing. Most people who write articles pertaining to the client and their rights during the process in divination. I will say it’s rare for any Awo to be detailed about the importance of how the client must be honest and purely genuine with the process of the reading. Yes, it is a two way street.
    If they do not understand that, then they are not ready to be divined by Ifa. It not only the Awo’s responsibility to divine the said problem that needs to be resolved. But it is also the responsibility of the client to know what that deep rooted problem is. Your article was well-thought out, and I only hope that any other article pertaining to this matter or otherwise is honest and empathetic to the needs of both sides. Thank you for writing this.

    Brian Tayco
    Oluo Obara Wori

    1. Alaafia Brian;

      Thank you for your visit and kind words. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the article.

      O dábò!
      Chief Awodele Ifayemi
      Atunwase Awo of Ilobuland

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