Advice From Yemaya To Her Children

YemayaBeing sensitive to Yemaya will allow you to make progress with relative ease and support. Yemaya will rewards past efforts.

Key Phrases: Divine Inspiration – Easy Sensitivity – The Line of Least Resistance – Expanding your Viewpoint – Improving Relationships

Theme: Opportunities to become more subtly aware of Yemaya’s influence, through attuning yourself to the Way of the Spirit, thereby enlarging your sense of being in the world, and attracting rewarding relationships.

This is not a particularly powerful influence, simply because by its very nature it inclines you to passivity. This is in order to help you become more in sympathy with those currents and occurrences in life that can usually escape one’s notice, but are fascinating and important for that very reason. And so, while your sixth sense is being thus enhanced, you may perceive more clearly your individual part in the cosmic scheme of things.

But you are also feeling quite philanthropic, and are more inclined to point out the wider issues of a given subject. Naturally enough, your current urge to take more in would be well satisfied through some course of study, for all knowledge and experience is like food and wine to you now. So eat, drink and be merry!

Possible Encounters: Mysticism – Compassion – Selflessness – Spiritual Rapport – Mutual Profit and Understanding – Enlightened Perspectives

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