Sangos Advice To His Chhildren

ShangoKeyphrases: Testing Faith – Controlled or Restricted Growth and Expenditure

Theme: A powerful point of reckoning where you are having to assess the practical nature of your plans, with the intention of making steadier progress.

Whatever you are investing time, money or energy in, will, at this time, demand that you align it with the reality at hand, and do any necessary pruning. But watch out that you don’t over-react through disappointment, and scrap what could be a worthwhile project or opinion. You are being tried now – not condemned! If however, circumstances do get the better of you, then put it all down to experience, for it just wasn’t meant to happen.

But don’t throw the towel in too readily, especially if there are more positive influences coming your way, for this period marks a critical point in a cycle of organized growth in your life. So, be sure to check that it isn’t just your own outworn principles or beliefs – or not having any at all – that are denying you a brighter future. Do your ‘homework’, and don’t let restlessness get the better of you either. Patience is the virtue.

Possible Encounters: Legal/Financial Difficulties – The Valley of Decision – Resolutions Made or Forced

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