Advice From Oya To Her Children

OyaKey Phrases: Power-Plays – Increased Ambition – Exaggerated Fears or Obsessions – Awakening Perception – Revolution in Thinking – Disrupting Ideas – Disruptive Obsessions – Awakening Power – Sweeping Changes

Theme: Forced emphasis upon you, in order that you appreciate the nature of power and hidden influences in your life. The powerful awakening of your mental attitude being radically altered. Make offering to Oya, and Eshu.

One way or the other, now is a time when you get more in touch and involved with what needs changing and improving, and with the necessary force and will that can make this possible. But this can be rather like Aladdin and his Lamp, for the ‘genie’ of power and ambition that you summon up may well turn against you – however well-intentioned you thought you were.

Therefore be ruthlessly honest and careful about your motivation to gain any particular position or object, because the desire to serve the whole rather than just yourself is the only motivation that will truly justify, and indeed guide, your actions now. If your intentions are not principled then things could blow up in your face. On the other hand though, avoid being falsely modest, for this would cause you to miss out on the opportunity that is presently in the air.

This is a time when the mental lens through which you view life is changed. During this process you will adopt new theories and methods that challenge both yourself and others to change with the times and get fitted up for the future. With such a powerful but erratic current going through your mind you can also expect to be changing it quite often.

Likewise, be ready for ‘jumps’ in your perception that suddenly cause you to take off in a new direction with irresistible force. Or you might crash into an immovable object, for resisting this influence with rigid thinking would find you feeling tense and out of step; even to the point of snapping.

Conversely, mental flexibility enables you to snap into different modes or unconventional techniques – which could include the study of some alternative or technological subject – that in turn allows you to cut corners and break new ground. But beware of being too impulsive and not stopping to think, or of forgetting that something else again will come along to alter your course.

When the ‘mains’ need replacing or mending, first the road has to be dug up! Whatever it is in your life that is holding you down, now expect it to be shattered or become more than usually troublesome. Once you have let go of those things or people that you have clung to, or those phobias that have clung to you – then you will begin to experience a great release of energy that will allow you to breathe freely and get on with the rest of your life with renewed vigour and conviction.

You are being ‘re-routed’ now, so enjoy the ‘diversion’

Possible Encounters: Provocation/Confrontation – Crises of Opinion – Legal Conflicts – New Ideas – Job Changes / Home Moves – Nervous Complaints

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