Orisa Oshun

OshunKeyphrases: Enforced Change – Tunneling to Freedom – The Tremor of The Truth – Super-sensitivity – Blind Spots Go Critical – Inspiring Visions

Theme: Having to intensify your sense of uniqueness and the need to change with the times. Mandatory immersion in your own delusions and fantasies and thereby perceive the more subtle dimensions of life, yourself and others. Tapping into the energies of Shango, and Olokun.

This can be quite an earth-shaking time – for you as an individual, and for the area of society in which you presently find yourself. Essentially, this influence is in aid of shaking you out of any complacency, and putting you in touch with who you really are – and the right to be so. How conscious you are of this impulse to explode out of the class-race-creed myth in which you are possibly buried, determines whether you feel a victim of change, or are stimulated by it.

And this can be a very exciting time if you let it. On the other hand though, avoid being too keen to alter or overthrow everything, for later on you could find yourself more lonely than free, with a sense that something or someone is sadly missing. A measure of tradition or sentimentality serves to balance the see-saw effect of current circumstances.

This is also a time when you can really be a lead a dancer. Actually, it is you yourself that is leading the dance, but it is a side of yourself that you may not be that aware of – the blind side in fact. The more in touch you are with your illusions and fantasies, and the more you observe and express your dreams and ideals, the less trouble this period will sink you in. Where you continue to be blind to your blind spots, you must expect to experience spectacular flops and confusion within confusion. Bear in mind that disillusionment does rid you of illusions, which you no longer need – painful though this may be.

Possible Encounters: Agents for Radical Change – Extreme Wilfulness – Shocks – The Mystical or Illusory – The Spiritual or Alluring

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