Advice From Orunmila For His Children

OrunmilaKeyphrases: Enforced Independence – Surfacing of Power Drives – Transformation

Theme: Absolute empowerment, through your manner of self-assertion or sexual expression being changed in some way – deliberately or otherwise. Once-in-a-lifetime start of a new ‘Deep-Self-Assertion Cycle’.

Your Ori calls upon Ogun to supply you with the uncompromising desire to get what you truly want from life, which includes the mettle for preventing others from abusing you – something that could happen if you continue to ignore your own desires now. However, this does not mean being merely selfish – if you were you would find yourself very much out on your own or drawing someone or something else’s superior fire-power.

Such isolation or defeat could occur in any event though, because the main dynamic here is one of getting you in touch with a deeper and truer sense of survival or sexuality or sheer self-determination. So this is quite a tough one, for it involves you having to confront, or be confronted by, forces within you and/or outside of you that are extremely raw, powerful and uncompromising.

This means that you should endeavour to put yourself forward as boldly as possible, and tell yourself that it is unlikely that you will be able to weather the storms that either threaten or descend upon you now through just being nice or reasonable. At the same time however, avoid unnecessarily dangerous situations, and aim to come through it all with a far stronger sense of identity.

Possible Encounters: Power Trips – Intense Sexuality – Ego Conflicts – Violence

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