Advice From Ogun To His Children

Pay special attention to both Oya and Oshun. They bring New Cycle to your life during this month.

Significance: This is a very strong influence. It energizes the situation in hand and both forces and enables you to advance and grow.

Key-phrases: Regenerating Love/Social Life – Eliminating Outworn Relationships

Theme: The absolute empowerment and intensification of Oshun, giving rise to a deeper sense of relatedness, beauty and values. Once-in-a-lifetime start of a new ‘Love- Destiny Cycle’.

What you want now is a feeling of having a more intimate and passionate quality in your life. Consequently, anything that would involve such a rich dark feeling – be it a relationship (or the lack of one), a creative pursuit, or your social life as a whole – has a hunger and an intensity about it that in turn attracts situations that compel you to live out these more profound and gut- wrenching emotions. With an existing relationship, it will be necessary to delve consciously into what is not satisfying you or your partner.

This is bound to entail a degree of confrontation with negative unconscious attitudes concerning intimate relating – in both of you. If this unearthing of such fears and desires that have previously been unexpressed is successful, then the bond between you will become far stronger and more deeply satisfying. Conversely, failure to achieve this for any reason – most likely a fear of looking at one’s hidden motivations, or simply that your respective life-paths are unavoidably diverging – would lead to the death of the relationship, or an ongoing game of manipulation and emotional blackmail – a slow death, in other words.

If you have no intimate relationship, (or if you are failing to deal with an existing one in the way described above) then this influence is very likely to attract a new one. Such an attraction has a fated quality about it – as if you just HAD to meet. Indeed, a relationship beginning at this time will often last and last. But it should be borne in mind that the very force that brought you together also has a hidden agenda to it, which means to say that what keeps you attached is liable eventually to reveal itself as being more compulsive than romantic, and ridden with taboo rather than convention.

The underlying reason for this is that in order to have a deep involvement with another human being, you also need to be more in touch with your own deeper feelings, which are bound to include ones that have hitherto been repressed and now need to be drawn to the surface. Resisting this unconscious urge to get closer to yourself would result in the relationship being fraught with negative emotions such as guilt, jealousy, or possessiveness, or the relationship collapsing in a painful and ugly way.

If you have a particularly deep fear of intimacy, and no such attraction arises during this time, then that is the very reason for it. If this is the case, and if it distresses you, it is advisable to contact that fear through professional help, or through expressing your feelings creatively in some art form. In fact, whatever the case, where artistic or emotional expression is concerned, this influence will supply you with profoundly deep inspiration.

If this need for a deep change in the quality of your life and in how you evaluate it is not experienced in your emotional relationships, then such a desire for re-evaluation is very likely to occur on the material level, with problems arising with regard to money, property or anything you deem as belonging to you. In other words, the question is ‘What genuinely IS the quality of life?’.

Possible Encounters: Moving Relationships – Marriage or Divorce – Profound Sensations

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