Advice From Obaluaye to his children

Key Phrases: Sensitive to Hidden Matters – Undermining Obsessions

Theme: Being made subtly aware through tuning into or being confronted with certain home-truths.

Those undercurrents of emotion that have been secretly but powerfully affecting you all your life, now become apparent, but as a result of something or someone no longer being there. That is, unless you are deliberately seeking to discover your most hidden motivations and power complexes.

Either way though, expect to make contact with those aspects of life and yourself which cannot be easily explained away. In fact, the more you try to avoid gut issues now, the more trouble they’ll give you.

So, the more you adopt a spiritual perspective and an attitude of acceptance, the more likely you are to experience enlightenment rather than deception; self-awareness through isolation, rather than depression through desolation.

Possible Encounters: Mysterious Insights – Secrets Revealed – Disappearances

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