Advice From Eshu To His Children

Pay attention to Olokun During this month as a New Cycle is going to start.

Significance: This is a very strong influence. It strengthens the situation in hand and enables you to advance and grow.

Key Phrases: Mental Inspiration or Confusion – The Deluded or Guided Mind

Theme: The powerful sensitivity of Eshu, through having the doors of your perception opened. Once- in-a-lifetime start of a new ‘Communication-with-Imagination Cycle’.

If you usually like to run your life with logical thinking, then this influence will knock you sideways as circumstances arise for which you cannot find any rational explanation or solution. The more your intellect struggles, the more confused you’ll become. If, on the other hand, you are less structured in your thinking and go more on your feelings, then this will be a time when you may gather a lot of wool and are too easily swayed by the ideas and opinions of others. In either case, you now perceive life more intuitively, in that you are extra-aware of forces and factors that the mere intellect normally misses.

By tuning into this higher frequency through some form of creative use of your imagination (writing, music, meditation, dream-work, painting, journal-keeping, etc), you will profit from this potentially inspiring stage of your life as you become increasingly able to express your finer thoughts and feelings, and to let problems apparently solve themselves. It is NOT a time for making important decisions concerning material issues, as your mind is going through a ‘poetical’ rather than ‘technical’ phase. It is however, a time for great honesty with yourself, which is ultimately rewarded with a more complete and sophisticated view of reality.

Possible Encounters: Psychic Ability – Paranoia / Gullibility – Sensory Changes – Sensory Defects

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