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The Yoruba religion, also referred to as Ifa religion is the traditional religious concepts and practices of the Yoruba people, is found primarily in southwestern Nigeria and the adjoining parts of Benin, commonly known as Yorubaland.

Practitioner of this tradition believe in one God, the creator of all things. They believe that they can be guided by this creator via Divination. Depending on the gravity of their troubles a Babalawo, Iyanifa, Olorisa, or an Iyalorisa are the ones who are qualified to performed this service.

Babalawo Training as well as the training of Orisa Priest and Priestesses take many years to complete; making them the most proficient diviners. Yoruba religion is ancestral to the American religions like Santería, Umbanda, and Candomblé. We dedicate this site to those seeking an alternative to dogmatic religion.

Ifa Theology

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Traditional Priesthood

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