Ifa Training – Part I

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Divination is at the center of all Ifa activities, and it is the Babalawo who is responsible for performing such divination.

We will start with the 16 Mejis. These are the “parents” of all the 240 Odus which are formed via combinations of the Meji Odus. Learning Odu is a life-long endeavor under taken with great love by many dedicated Babalawos. The best we can hope to accomplish via this course is acquiring sufficient understanding of each Odu in order to accurately perform Dafa.

As we take each Odu, we will study its genesis, and related stories in order to understand which area of life the Odu is focusing on. Therefore, the Babalawo will immediately recognize the area of life the client is currently having issues with. This is extremely important to know, a correctly trained Babalawo can often counsel individuals by pairing their issues with an Odu which covers their troubles to the extent of even prescribing a proven solution.

The course material will be emailed upon registering. This initial material; which will lay the foundation of what you will be studying is available for immediate download just bellow this document.

Twice a month we will hold a one-on-one session via Skype. My Skype account name is dele.ifayemi. During these sessions you will be able to talk about anything related to your studies as well as the lesson you are currently on.

You will be responsible for studying and memorizing the Odus and I will be responsible for helping you learn how to decipher and interpret them.

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