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Learn IfaIt is with great humbleness, humility and a desire to serve my Ifa community that I make available this training. After several years of teaching my own Godchildren, I have been asked by my brothers in Nigeria to put together a study curriculum they can use to closely match the knowledge my personal students are receiving.

This program addresses the needs of those who have been initiated yet for some reason or another do not have access to someone who can teach them the Literary Corpus of Ifa, mainly the Odus.

The approach we will follow is one that first looks at the essence of the Odus. By this I mean that each Odu addresses a particular area of life, and by studying the main message of the Odus one can quickly ascertain the main message. After this, it becomes easy to memorize the details of each odu.

Part I Of Ifa Training

We will start with the 16 Mejis. These are the “parents” of all the 240 Odus which are formed via combinations of the Meji Odus. Learning Odu is a life-long endeavor under taken with great love by many dedicated Babalawos. The best we can hope to accomplish via this course is acquiring sufficient understanding of each Odu in order to accurately perform Dafa.

Divination is at the center of all Ifa activities, and it is the Babalawo who is responsible for performing such divination.

As we take each Odu, we will study its genesis, and related stories in order to understand which area of life the Odu is focusing on. Therefore, the Babalawo will immediately recognize the area of life the client is currently having issues with. This is extremely important to know, and well studied Babalawos can often counsel individuals by pairing their issues with an Odu which covers their troubles to the extent of even prescribing a proven solution.

The course material will be emailed upon registering. Starting with Ogbe Meji through Ofu Meji an combinations; a of 256 Odus will be studied. Twice a month we will hold a one-on-one session via Skype. During this session you will be able to talk about anything related to your studies as well as the lesson you are currently on.

You will be responsible for studying and memorizing the Odus and I will be responsible for helping you learn how to decipher and interpret them.

Part II of Ifa Training – The Adept Series

There is a separate part to this course of study, and this one covers the “secrets” of the Odus. These are the “magical” formulas hidden within each Odu which is only transferred from mouth to ear. You will learn the ewe (herbs) prescribed to each Odu, and how to use them for the application of “Akose” or spiritual medicine. This is where the Babalawo shines; this is the knowledge that separates neophytes from adepts. Due to the high potency of this knowledge this information is only given to those who have completed the first part of this training.

During this course of studies you will learn the secrets of Ebo Riru. You will learn about Adabos and the different offerings made to certain spiritual energies to achieve for the client their individual needs. I’m sorry for being so vague  about this but I hope you understand.

Ifa Training Tuition

Tuition for each course will be as follows:

Payment Option I For Part I Of Ifa Training

With this payment plan you will have 8 payments of $100.00 per month via a PayPal subscription which you can cancel at any time. If you wish to choose this payment option click on the “Subscribe” button immediately bellow.

Payment Option II For Part I Of Ifa Training

With this payment option you will make a one-time payment of $640.00 via PayPal, which will save you $160.00 from Payment Option I. If you wish to choose this payment option click on the “add to cart” button immediately bellow.

Payment Option I For
Part II – The Adept Series

With this payment plan you will have 8 payments of $200.00 per month via a PayPal subscription which you can cancel at any time. If you wish to choose this payment option click on the “add to cart” button immediately bellow.

Payment Option II For
Part II – The Adept Series

 With this payment option you will make a one-time payment of $1280.00 via PayPal, which will save you $320.00 from Payment Option I of the The Adept Series. If you wish to choose this payment option click on the “add to cart” button immediately bellow.

Student Testimonial

Dear Chief Awodele Ifayemi

I john want to thank you for the reading that you gave me on January 4, 2012. I cannot stress enough about what you told me about my reading, my path and my life and how you got to the root of the problem and the prescription that you gave me to solve my problems makes me a better person today. It solved my anger problems. I aligned my ori it makes me think very clearly and make better decisions and I thank you so much Chief Awodele Ifayemi and your courses is very great. You take the time to teach people. You go out of your way to try to make people understand your teaching philosophy. I recommend this to anybody-the course and your reading. You get down to the root of the problem and you help solve people’s problems. Thank you again.


19 February 2012-02-19

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Awodele Ifayemi for allowing me to attend his “IFA Teaching Classes”. For those of us who have been initiated but have little access to our mentors, Awodele Ifayemi has put together a comprehensive training program that allows you to learn the dynamics and mysteries of IFA. Awodele Ifayemi humbleness and dedication to his community and IFA is demonstrated through his gesture, gratitude and commitment as a Babalawo to extend his teachings and philosophy through this course. I hope to gain the necessary training and be able to pass on the wisdom and knowledge set forth through the IFA teachings. Thank you Awodele Ifayemi.



Alafia, Baba

I would like to start off by saying a Big Thank You for your open and honest approach to teaching the wisdom of Ifa. I am going on 10 years since I was Initiated into Ifa at the Ifa Foundation and although I have learned a lot through them I must really commend you on your Approach to teaching. I just started your course about two weeks ago and it has truly been an eye opener for sure!!! I am truly getting a better insight into the Odu and their true essence. Once again A Big Thank You and I recommend anyone just to read your article on this site on the Odus, although it is a small glimpse, it goes a long way in saying how well your understanding is about the Odus. Ase.

 Mario Gasca ( IfaSeyi )


Alafia, Baba

Even though I’ve only attended a brief and incomplete course before, I must state I would never change the present approach as I’ve eventually found what is right for me. I mean the sort of empathy and confidence that developed between teacher and pupil was the key that allowed me feeling confident and improving my knowledge (and my wisdom) in an unsuspected way.

I have found in my classes the exceptional wisdom of a real Father, who dedicated his mental and experiential approach to put me on the right way of the infinite wisdom of Ifa.

Undoubtedly I feel more confident in interpreting Odu for me and others as I humbly think my Teacher filled my soul and my Ori with a lot of more Ase than before.

Long distance learning may be difficult sometime as there is no direct visual contact for the majority of the time. However, my Ojugbona is able to make me feel at home, just like sitting in front of him looking at his face during our conversations and his lessons. His style is empathic and I’m sure he uses a very subtle neuroprogramming approach that is very useful in imprinting the most important concepts during the difficult path to understand Ifa phylosophy and teachings.

Yes, I would recommend this course to anybody is interested in Ifa and in particular to the numerous iniciated people who are looking for a spiritual guide to have a continuous and inspired feed back. And obviously to all who are looking for Ifa initiation.

Dr. R. Baglini MD


January 22, 2013

Alafia Baba Awodele Ifayemi,

First of all ” Thank you” for this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your Ifa training course, it has truly been a blessing to learn and experience Ifa at the level and understanding that you teach it. As you know I have tried to gain understanding of the odu’s for the past ten years and have had trouble figuring out how to interpret the Odu’s in a way that was beneficial to me or for who ever I read for. In other words I knew the basic expression of the Odu but not how to put them in their proper context. Your Ifa Training course has truly been the piece of the puzzle that I have been missing. Your patience and method of teaching is amazing, and you got jokes too! My favorite part of the course was the whole course. I truly couldn’t wait for our next session to learn more. I must say I have heard of Babaláwo’s being able to cover a whole reading by just casting the first or primary Odu and now thanks to your training course on Odu I know how this is done. What I have learned from you has truly been a blessing and the fact that you are so modest and don’t brag about anything makes you a humble, and great teacher.

For all those who wish to understand the Odu I recommend this course. Ashe !

Mario Gasca (Ifaseyi).


Alafia I just completed the IFA course part One and Two with Chief Awodele Ifayemi. The class was very thorough with detailed and covered a variety of subjects important to any Babalawo studying Ifa. Chief Awodele Ifayemi provided an agenda and covered each subject with handouts and lectures. Compared to other IFA classes taken in the past, this class provided the necessary level of detail and subjects that any inspiring Babalawo would need to have. Unlike actually being in Nigeria or living with an experienced Babalawo , this was the next best thing. We were able to meet on-line on a designated date and time and review the material in-depth and assigned home work for added strengthening with no issue. The Chief explained everything in the hand-outs and lectured throughout the training with brief questions and answer periods for simplicity. I walked away feeling comfortable and strong enough in understanding the odus and there meanings, and a broader picture of the odu structure and how it relates to the OPN IFA (World). I strongly encourage anyone with interest in learning the Babalawo basics (part One) and Advance (part two) to enroll with Chief Awodele Ifayemi.


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